5 Essential Fashion Items For Corset Lovers

I love corsets. It’s a thing. (Heart shaped eyes.)
I love wearing them, coveting them and buying them from exquisitely talented corsetieres. I love corsets so much that I started a corset makers interview section here and founded my city’s first corset brand of ready-to-wear designs with a few coutured creations.

Pearls & Arsenic Corsets

When I’m corseting I feel calm, strong, focused and in control. When I slack on my corseting there’s an edge to my feistiness that seems to dull; I feel like I’m missing an old friend that I haven’t seen for a while. I overindulge and eagerly await the moment I’ll return to the discipline of wearing my corset. It seems to help ground me. Since entering the world of more enthusiastic corseting I have found the corset community to be one of the most fascinating and supportive I’ve ever found.

If you’re reading this article I’m sure you have stepped into (or luxuriate in) the realm of corset life. Oh the joys of people asking why and whether we can breathe and isn’t that uncomfortable? But that’s a whole other world of giggles for us special creatures who love the hug of a beautiful corset.

I love a neatly cinched waist and think it looks divine with a wide hip, so my view on corset belts is pretty enthusiastic – belts and more belts all the time in all sizes and colours. My personal favourite style happens to be quite edgy but vintage, kimono and any other belt style works well with corseting. However, I find that a flexible elastic waist belt works best for really highlighting the contours of nipped in waist angles, so when I’m wearing my corset stealth and have a good reduction I tend to choose these for maximum impact.

Jeans that stick out at the waist because your hip spring is too big? A challenge for both corseters and sexy gym babes (who are sometimes both) is getting the lower curves into bottoms while having the waist fit. The solution? So far only stretch-waist items like stretch jeans, skirts with a stretch or belted waistband, leggings and other items that are flexible on our gorgeous waist-to-hip ratio.

Dresses, high waisted trousers and other waist accentuating items are a favourite – fitted ribbed tees or turtlenecks, usually I prefer with slight ribbing or thicker material to prevent the corset busk/lacing details being very obvious underneath.

These will be very similar to the items above but may include looser items that don’t showcase the full corseted silhouette but accentuate just the waist with a beautifully placed belt, adjustable chain or waist sash.

Pencil skirts, cinch waisted jackets, hourglass accentuating bodycon anything is going to bring out the bombshell in any modern Marilyn (or Morticia Addams) and is a definite delight of corseting. That very Vogue New Look shape in modern form is not only eye-catching, it’s ultra glamazon even in the most subtle fitted outfit. Inescapably surreal, people love to hate on (and covet) the Rubenesque curves of a well corseted waist.

And of course the sixth item is not essential but may as well be because it’s so hilariously awesome – it’s the ‘YES, I can breathe’ top by Lucy’s Corsetry!
I’m in no way affiliated with this but have one and plan to buy a bunch more colours because it’s SO fun.
#corsetproblems #relateable
Get your very own YES, I CAN BREATHE racerback in your choice of colours!

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