How fun they are, what personality they give! A lazy outfit with the right pair of sunglasses can frame your face and drag you from the realm of couch hobo to bohemian chic in a millisecond.

Personally I stick with the classic elegance of not-so-ordinary aviators. As most of you know who have seen my live broadcasts, I’m a bit of a fanatic sunglasses diva. Specifically in the clear-lenses-with-light-colours variety. Rose pink, Gucci green, Tiffany’s blue…

And there’s a purple to pink gradient one I’ve obsessively got my eye on if I can find a blimmin’ shipper who sells to Hong Kong… yeesh … most of these purple-pink image links I’ve curated don’t ship to Hong Kong (not to fear, you know how obsessive I am so I’m sure I’ll find some and be flaunting my new purple gradient shades tres bientot!)

The reason I stick with this aviator sunglasses style and these colours is because they’re unisex, classic and pair with any outfit. They look great on anyone.
As a fashion eccentric, I’m inclined towards statement pieces but given that my personality veers to dramatic elegance, I find a nice middle ground in the slightly unusual colours with the timeless shape of aviators. The shape suits all faces – I’ve never seen them look absurd on anyone, and the style will never leave you stranded in last seasons crazy fashions.

Reflective lenses can be super fun and are more of a must for people with very sensitive eyes, but they’re just a bit too dark for me – I want sunnies I can wear both indoors and outdoors so I can pop and and out of a store without having to juggle heavy bags and deal with my sunglasses. Hence the non-reflective gradient or pastel coloured lenses.

So while I would like – and have tried – to buy fabulous fashion sunnies from all kinds of favourite (and expensive) brands which sit quite elegantly in my wardrobe gathering dust, these simple pieces I now buy when I find the colours I like (grrrr… purple pink gradient) and for less than US$20- I can tuck them carefree into my sunglasses purse in handbag for daily protection against breezy dust particles, eye-poking umbrellas in drizzle, or even sunshine when there’s a glimpse of it!

While I treat all my posessions very well- a trait since I was a little girl – if my sunnies did break or get lost I wouldn’t feel quite so bad knowing I have a backup and can find a replacement so affordably. I guess my story with light gradient lenses goes back to one of the first pairs of designer sunglasses I ever purchased- a pair of simple grey gradient lensed, black framed Gucci aviators. (Which look SO much like the black framed ones below, I simply had to include them!) I took over a year to finally purchase them and once I did they became my go-to sunnies for all occasions. The other luxurious sunnies I’ve purchased in the years since just didn’t match up.

I guess those early aviators were my romantic young Romeo.

Maybe I’ll consider getting them out of their box for wear again.
I just became so attached to them that I gently and lovingly retired them once they started to show fatigue from many years of wear. They’re still in a favourite case in my wardrobe with my dust gatherers. 

It’s taken me quite a few years to pinpoint this as one of those essential fashion items like classic pearls or earrings that can be high value and low price (my fave!) and add that stylish touch to any outfit.

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