RAVEN’s BOOK LIST (Recommendations)

Here are some of the books that have impacted my life the most.
It’s not a tremendously long list but I hope that some of them may be interesting to some of you.
A few of these books took me many years to find and I’m going to leave out great books like the Bible, wonderful canon literature, Greys Anatomy or the many international mythologies I read as a child and stick to the ones chosen or found by me alone.
Books which didn’t just give me information but gave me practical, useable content I could then explore, take actions on or which set my life on a more empowered tack than before.

These books improved my life.

For quick reference, here are some of the book links grouped in simple categories. More details of their place and value in my life follows below.

Hereafter I’ve listed books in roughly the order they appeared in my life.

48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene – Given to me by my father when I was twelve. The condensed / shortened version of the 48 Laws Of Power. I pored over this book and absolutely loved the boldness of it.

Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsh – one of the first books on my spiritual path that really made sense to me. 

The Motley Fools Investment Guide For Teens by David & Tom Gardner – I deliberately chose the book for teens because I knew nothing of anything financial and wanted to read something that was easy to understand. I adore this book and still keep it on the pile by my bed just because it made such a positive difference in my life, and I always want to remember what it taught me.

Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn – My first (very basic) introduction to the principles of the Law of Attraction. The most helpful part for me was the exercise given to start noticing negative thoughts, and boy was I shocked when I first tried that. Almost all my thoughts were pollution and it’s taken me many more years to clean up that mess. But this was the start.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki – A new way of thinking about money and finance that was extremely useful. Taught me about mindset and beliefs and how we are able – and allowed – to choose our own. Very valuable for that.

How to Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie- A massively impactful book on communicating with others and aiming for win-win in all situations. Made my life SO much smoother sailing in the area of interacting / communicating with others.

The Rules of Wealth by Richard Templar – Gave me relevant, adult advice on rules of the world of wealth building and beliefs. I think it introduced me to many of my views on wealth and the dedication and self improvement that creating (and keeping) it requires. Truly invaluable.

Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Abrom – Showed me about death and humility as well as serving your highest purpose right up until your last moment. And then showed me how a legacy can live on.

The Law of Attraction by Esther & Jerry Hicks – more in depth detailing of The Law of Attraction which took me many years to start to be able to use because it took me that long to try and get control of my mind & direct my thoughts together with emotions… not just think a positive thought while feeling meh, but actually get into believing the thoughts and experiencing positive feelings.

The Diamond Cutter by Geshe Michael Roach – Inspiring and intriguing, this book was a real beauty for outlining the ’emptiness’ principle that can be used for success – in this monks case multimillions worth of success.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – interesting views on the extremely vital element of a positive mindset and the effect it has on every area of personal success and wealth building. While I don’t recall this book vividly, I know it impacted or at least reinforced some of the concepts I was interested in learning about the control we have of our own prosperity and wealth mindsets.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield – Introduced me to the concept of ‘resistance’ as the combatant of the muse, and made me feel less alone in my turmoil as a creative. This book has extra special meaning to me because it was the last book a wonderful friend introduced to me before he fell into a coma. Before we could meet again to discuss it, he was gone.

Do The Work by Steven Pressfield – A reminder to get off my ass and do what I’m meant to be doing. This book is a step by step guide through any project. I’ve yet to try it to hand hold me through a project and us it as a brush up on his previous works. The layout is very fun. I currently have all four of his books on this list and keep them beside me for my daily miracle morning routine…

Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield – Just another step on the journey this man has delivered to me. A true gift from my friend who introduced me to his work.

The Warrior Ethos by Steven Pressfield – I don’t know why his world just seems to resonate me so strongly but I cannot read through any of these four books without feeling immense inspired and literally getting teary eyed with the impact of the messages. This particular book has inspired me to get a little tattoo… the first words I’d ever have written on my body. I’m waiting to see whether the idea sticks. I usually wait at least a year to see if I’m still in love with it. But yeah. It inspired me that much.

This is where I’m up to for now.
Thank you so much for sharing this journey and I hope that one or all of these books speak to you or resonate in your life in some positive way.
Many blessings and I very much look forward to seeing you for more sharing and love on periscope soon.

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