My dearests, this little video has been so fun to apply to my mornings. Many of you have heard me mention it when we all chat live on Periscope so I wanted to share the link here in case you want to try it. If you do, may it bring a little more joy to your days too. Of course it’s entirely personal preference and as I always mention, I can only share parts of my own journey on the chance someone else may find them useful or interesting on their own path.

My days are definitely more even keeled since I’ve been doing it.

Personally I don’t do this too strictly, as I’m moving away from forced boundaries and ‘rules’ to allow more calm and flexibility into my life. The ‘less pressure’ approach is going well for me.

The short 6 minute version of the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod is what I’m doing – but even that I don’t dwell too intently on; I read maybe a sentence or paragraph from the Law of Attraction after lazily doing 30 sit ups in bed to wake up, then write down some gratitudes in my journal (a page or a sentence, whatever flows) and meditate or do some self-therapy work with positive words and affirmations. I know we often think we have to GO GO GO to get results in life but I’m really getting more results just letting the river of life flow and not trying to force anything.

After years of pushing, wrestling and doing what I thought I needed to do to get results (to minimal avail – and sometimes to my detriment) it’s been really cool to return positively to (and start further exploring) allowing.
(Which you can read more about in Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting or The Law of Attraction.)

The six minute version of the Miracle Morning is pretty smooth, simple and I often forget one or two parts of it – I think the visualisation part mostly, as I find I can get a little distracted trying to visualise / vision board images – and I kindof do the meditation with affirmations & emotional visualisation anyways.
So I just stick to the areas that work the most naturally for me.

After doing this for a week it felt odd to get out of bed without doing it!

It’s made every day much more nice since I started. Not in a massive manic WOW EVERYTHING IS AMAZING way (which frankly is probably not so sustainable) but I’ve just been in a far more positive zone every day, and the mood has been easier to maintain throughout the day. For under ten minutes time investment, I feel like it’s a keeper.

I know that life doesn’t suddenly become amazing in one big moment – but in building up these little amazing habits we can suddenly start to find that parts of our day are becoming great, and we just keep joining the dots until the whole day is covered in joy.


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