Breakthrough : DUMPLING DIARIES : 5 of 12 WEEKS @ Warrior Academy

Hurrah for progress! With my (not so) gentle dairy detox behind me and food levels starting to balance out on their own, I can feel my body and muscles engaging and it’s such a fulfilling experience, especially after such a depressingly disengaged last year. That ‘restless puppy’ feeling is starting to slowly simmer again and with it the additional energy and motivation that comes with having extra energy to burn.

Yew yew yew! Go away sugar!

This week at Warrior Academy is a new regime and weights are going on the barbells. Circuits and lots of reps with a really empowering Tuesday where I lift my highest weights yet. Still not much, but just the feeling of having my body finally forgive me was enough to make me thrill and almost tear up with gratitude a few times throughout the day.


Thursday is funnnnn – arms and back are the focus and I love that I can feel such an improvement in the weights that I’m lifting. Okay, I’m not going to be entering any bodybuilding competitions anytime soon but the fact that my body is actually looking forward to getting to the gym is a really massive relief on a deeply encouraging emotional level after last years disheartening struggles with my disconnect from my body.

Maybe I’ll get some Old Spice and try these push ups…

Friday is a crushed busy day that I can’t squeeze enough into but at a live broadcast interview on my health progress I realise that the word ‘weight loss’ is starting to resonate quite negatively with me.
Every time I’ve ever made good body progress it’s been by focusing on what I want to be able to do – not on the weight or food at all.

Me focusing on food… (I’m in the box)

In fact at Shaolin I had an ice cream popsicle almost every day and white rice with vegetables for every meal, and in a month I went down an entire clothing size without realising.
Example two – before I was asked to audition and then film a German-Malaysian film, I had been obsessively spending weekends wakeboarding or motocrossing… and eating an entire pack of oreos for dinner most days, ending up in probably the best shape I’ve been in.
While food is a very important part of the experience, I fear that I may have lost my way when I started to focus on it too much.

 Focusing on food led me into the dark world of diets, and I think for my body that’s where I went wrong.

Therefore I pronounce my intention to pursue what I’d like to call a ‘Shift Focus Diet’ – where I look first and foremost at what I want to get my body to do – and kindof ignore the food for a moment.
Just really think and FOCUS on my intention – instead of focusing on the FOOD, the FAT, the THINGS I CAN’T EAT.


Here I ask myself – What would I LIKE TO BE ABLE TO DO?

Wakeboard more? Hike? Be able to walk up stairs without losing breath? Be able to run for a bus easily? Walk in high heels all day? Start a new sport with friends? Run a marathon? Go to a Muay Thai camp? Jetski in Thailand?

There are things we all want to be able to do with agility -maybe it’s time we wrote them down and looked at them more closely.

Could it be healthier to SHIFT FOCUS away from food and ONTO the activities we’d love to do? And consider how we can make them hobbies?

Weekend hikes, swimming at the beach, other… erm… more intimate activities that require stamina and fitness. Lets focus on THOSE things.

What were you thinking of?

Personally I’d like to enter next years local indoor rowing competition.
I also think it would be super awesome to do the splits (no specific reason, I just think it’s so coooool) and I’d like to try gymnastic movement stuff and flips and somersault on a trampoline and ride a horse and go skiing and do other things that feel like play.

Rowinggggggg, rowingggggg…

Right now I kindof shy away from them because I know I won’t enjoy them very much – since my body isn’t currently strong or fit enough to do them without getting quite uncomfortable.

So those become my goals. I hope that by focusing on those ACTIVITIES, and really keeping them at the forefront of my mind, my food choices will shift into more solid goal oriented options.

 Not because of the weight but because of the want – the want to enjoy my life, and participate in FUN.

I’m going to try this. Who knows if it will work and it certainly flies in the face of traditional food tracking and weight watching, but heck, if it works for me then I’ll be thrilled. Onwards into week 6 of the Dumpling Diaries!



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