Steadying : DUMPLING DIARIES : 4 of 12 WEEKS @ Warrior Academy

What a week of detox, golly. Flu bug or detox death… I’m not sure which is worse! Thankfully at Warrior Academy my strength has still managed to improve incrementally and I cannot begin to express what a relief it is that my body is able to engage and activate within a matter of weeks. I’ve actually become excited about working out and motivated to get much stronger, instead of having to struggle to drag my sick body around. However I will admit that the detox has been a bit intense at times – my skin is still crappy and belly bloated, but I feel more alertness than when I was on dairy?

Kill us all?

My body has responded well enough to my NO DIETS policy and isn’t stressed about food in the slightest, which is SO NICE. I do put all of my food into MyFitnessPal and am so pleased not to have any anxiety about dieting or food. Instead my body has over these weeks of gentle nurturing  become eager for strength and interested to increase protein of its own choice – not because I’m forcing it to. It works much better for me.

 Finally my body can find its natural voice again and choose foods for strength or joy, not boredom.

Monday I feel better than anytime in these past two weeks of flu & detox death and jump into the gym with more physical strength than before. (Trish meticulously tracks our weights and progress so I’ll share the exact numbers in week 12.) My nose is still runny enough that I have to keep goose honking like a lunatic but my mental alertness is higher despite still being very sluggish when I wake up in the morning (which as we know is odd for my 5am loving self).

Tuesday is fun with interval training that is actually metcon style leg work, which I only realise after I waddle out of the gym to my kung fu sword class unable to do much, and Wednesday is a much needed rest day of subtle stretching and groaning creakily like a ninety year old.

Thursday I awake feeling like I’m choking because the phlegm in my throat is murderous and manage to get to the gym but have to leave again thanks to gut grumbles. It’s very annoying because I feel good, but my belly insists I stay at home for two long and very boring days. I do get some very good work done on my business plan for Pearls & Arsenic and revamp the website beautifully, and that also makes me start fawning over being able to wear my corsets again. The entire time I’ve been detoxing my belly has puffed out like I’m heavily pregnant. Probably the increased fibre of the whole psyllium husks I’m taking. Thank goodness I’m a happy water guzzling fanatic! But I’m looking forward to de-puffing soon and getting back to waist training.

Apparently most of us don’t drink enough water.

Friday I awake completely cough free!! Yes, feeling quite awful and still intestinally cramping but cough free for the first time in three weeks. Perhaps the cramps cause is the excess psyllium husk I’ve been taking – three scoops of this pure fibre a day, which gives my (probably fairly lazy) intestines a lot of exercise to do.
Has my body detoxed the worst of the dairy from my system? I wonder… because I feel a bit like crap again. And I’m starving! Might my metabolism be ramping up again and burning some toxic fat?

I get this very odd feeling that I’m eating too much food… which is bizarre since I’m eating so much less than I was before starting with Warrior Academy. Having said that, I’m now giving my body more attention so it may be letting me know its needs more clearly, which I feel very, very thankful for after all these years of feeling physically disconnected and sick and tired. It’s likely that the feeling is from the intestines being tired from the extra fibre. Maybe I’ll have a lazy carby weekend to give it a bit of a break?

At this very moment I’m feeling some definite mild sugar withdrawals because I’ve finished my Kallo crackers. I expect more of this restless, slightly uneasy and physically fidgety feeling. It does pervade the mind too and fog the thoughts hazily – I’m not sure if you can tell from how this article reads? I’m finding words clunkier to string together!
I’m glad I recognise the symptoms of simple sugar withdrawal now. Thank god I found Potatos Not Prozac and discovered how to ease off the BIG sugar withdrawals sustainably. I may nibble some Perlege dark chocolate (sugar free cacao nib) later or a chia bar perhaps.

Now for a fun weekend – hopefully with some exercise in it!

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