Obesity : DUMPLING DIARIES : 3 of 12 WEEKS @ Warrior Academy

Will this be the most controversial post on this blog? Who knows… but my DEXA scan showed that I’m technically obese with 41.6% body fat and I would like to talk about that. People who have seen me in person or even on instagram / periscope may be slightly surprised – I’m curvy, just under 5’8″ and currently UK size 14/ US 12 – apparently the clothing size of the ‘average’ british woman according to BBC’s article on ‘curvy barbie’ except I’m a slightly taller, inverted triangle shape physique.


But I’m not what anyone would visualise as ‘obese’ – not even to my commercial modelling agent who (despite my protestations of dumplingness) just insisted I attend an Adidas casting because they’d shortlisted me based on my current size. Even AFTER I sent her my Dexa scan which honestly looks like a scan of Zoidberg.

Not actual DEXA scan setup.

What?? (A size UK14 in any commercial advertisement is UNHEARD of in Hong Kong).
See my size for yourself in these photos below of kung fu sword class two weeks ago, around Week 1 of Warrior Academy. As you can probably surmise, the obesity rating is more about how much fat I have rather than what size I am. If my fat percentage goes down and I stay this size, that will be perfectly healthy. The issue is that my fat percentage is very high.

  Here’s the thing though – it was a bit of a shock but I’m not so surprised?

The reason I’m not as taken aback by this as I would have expected is that for the last year or two I’ve known my body was struggling. As my (completely fabulous) Periscope followers know, last year I was sick. A lot. Like, most days, most weeks – a bug sneezes in Tibet and I’ve got the flu… a lot.

Ugh. Whyyyy…

I realised that since I’d had my extra weight on – 30 pounds of yo-yo’ing fat – my immune system has been in the tank. And that regularly caused me to be too sick to exercise. So my muscle was wasting away and fat stressfully building up while I battled sugar addiction, dairy reliance and diets that caused more harm. Boring cycle.

Thanks to my Dearest Beloved and lots of kinesiology sessions, I emerged at the end of last year into better health, but my body was still exhausted with the stress and trauma of the battles and it was sad and down about it too.

 New Years arrived and I resolved to be gentle on myself. No diets. No rules.

I took my weak dumpling body and told it that I would look after it now. I went to find someone I could trust and found Tricia Yap of Warrior Academy. I started reducing dairy, then going through dairy detox, and last week decided to order myself some alkalising detox shakes to slowly replace my large calorie dinners with over Week 4 of Warrior Academy and start skimming away at my body fat percentage.

Body Fat Chart Googlebodyfatchart
Sniffling, flu bugged and now dairy detoxing, week 3 was a total gym failure with the first half of the week public holidays for Chinese New Year and the second half a rather awkward full swing dairy detox which left me a little house-tied…

However, my other results were very positive – getting the DEXA scan done, weaning off dairy, my body starting to detox and ordering of my alkalising detox dinner supplies.
This weeks notable discovery was researching on a sudden whim I felt about fat storing toxins and the effect it may have on the body…

 I mean, if I am 41% body fat and that fat is riddled with toxins, wouldn’t that place a load of pressure on my immune system?

And so I discovered the ‘fat cell detox’ which apparently allows toxins to be released from fat cells, which I may consider trying at some point in this 12 week journey.

So that’s been my Week 3 so far, not terribly exciting but I feel some pretty good progress happening. The DEXA scan results were really eye opening and allowed me a different perspective on my body. No longer am I just me, but I can see my healthy supportive blue bone, my ‘actual me’ in pink muscle, and then what I think of as a ‘halo of toxins’ which is the yellow fat I’ve developed through a lot of toxic exposure.

Toxins in my fats?

If I’d created this fat through joyful experience I would consider it a halo of joy and love but due to the circumstances in which it was created I would prefer to cleanse and reduce, then let myself form happy healthy fats that are more positivity laden – from avocados at lunch dates with friends, fun desserts on summer boat trips and delicious dinner dates in London with my darling.

I would like to detoxify all this fat and bring it down to a more naturally balanced proportion of a slim gold line around my pink self – which you can see in the actual DEXA scans that I’ve included below.

Burning fat and releasing the old.

These DEXA scan results show me tagged as ‘overweight’ but general google search shows over 32% body fat as being obese – with 41.6% placing me up into that category. As you can see my pink muscle – especially my legs, are quite lean. I’d like to increase full body muscle strength, especially with focus on legs (then core and back) and really think of the shedding of the yellow as a symbolic release of pollution and old negativity clutter from my life.

Letting go of the old, letting myself grow stronger in the new.

This ‘symbolic purification’ of toxins feels a lot more natural, gentle and less stressful to me than trying to force myself to lose weight for external reasons.
Wanting to move forward in my life and release all physical anchors is a really beautiful feeling and motivator for me.
I love that the DEXA scan helped me to see my body this way. It has opened my eyes to how my natural pink muscle could potentially feel trapped in this toxic build up from the past and may be frustrated to be carrying it and eager to release it.
I also recognise that everything has its time and am glad to be at this point, however long it’s taken me to get here.

For those who are here for the DEXA information:
It took 1 hour total from arrival including getting prepped, weighed on a fancy little body fat reading scale, removing all metal items (so be sure to wear gym gear, not zippered trousers or underwire bras to the scan!) and doing the 7 minute scan.
The seven minutes flies by and they need to strap your feet to ensure your toes stay pointing together for leg positioning. Then there’s a 2 minute spine scan with legs up on a box to flatten the spine. Then a briefing of results which I sadly missed because I’d mis-scheduled in my diary so had been late, but usually they run you through the results after the test. Therefore I’d allocate 1.5 hours for the total scan and results.
I purchased the double ‘pre and post scan’ session for HK$700 (one session is $380 – only cash or Visa/Mastercard accepted) with a second scan validity for six months after the first. I’d like to do my ‘post scan’ after the Warrior Academy 12 week program and then again three months after that. I’m obviously a fan but will definitely be cautious as it’s still a form of radiation!
The DEXA location details are in Week 2.

Oops radiation. Adventure onwards!!

I’m thrilled to have found all these interesting pieces of my path and to be continuing on this extremely rewarding experience with Tricia’s guidance at Warrior Academy. With the combo of martial arts, strength training, gymnastics movement and the full scale nutrition cafe that is built into the Warrior Academy location, I feel confident of making gentle stable progress over this next nine weeks.

 And the best news?
I think with my new understanding, my body is finally starting to forgive me.

With more whole foods and far less dairy and sugar in my life I look forward to getting through these crazy detox weeks (my stomach is so swollen with dairy detoxing that I can’t corset?) and into leaner days of happier stronger, fitter and more fabulous life.
Following the guidance… and always thankful for blessings of health.
See you in Week 4 of these Dumpling Diaries!

Healthy, yep. Healthy, yep. Healthy, yep.

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