Struggle : DUMPLING DIARIES : 2 of 12 WEEKS @ Warrior Academy

Week two has a very exciting discovery in store for me – the surprisingly affordable DEXA scan, showing body composition of bone density, muscle and fat. It’s a revelation that shifts my focus firmly onto my muscle growth and causes me to see my body in a whole new way. I’m excited to get scanned as soon as possible and start looking into details. Also this week come the results of my previous eating patterns thanks to MyFitnessPal – and boy, are they a disaster.

NOT MY SCAN – DEXA example

Starting out Monday in bed with flu lung isn’t ideal, but Tuesday’s revived energy sees me at the gym for multiple 10 rep sets and prowler finish. Focus on form as always and regular positive reinforcement from Trish when she spies good form anywhere in the room. I like hearing the ambient positivity and it reminds me how closely she’s watching all of us.

Building the right muscles in the right way is her goal. And laughs interspersed with encouraging yelling.

Trish stands on Yvonne’s prowler for one set as humorous penance on behalf of Yvonne’s friend Becky. (Becky demanded that Trish help her seek revenge after some competitive whatsapp banter.) Yvonne is strong and trying not to laugh while pushing the prowler. Later the whatsapp group is full of chuckles and chatter about it.

Prowlers. Oh goody.

I am the colour of a plum by the time I manage to catch a glimpse in the changing room mirror. A grinning plum coloured Cheshire Cat. Waddling rather sweatily off to my meeting while the others chill on the mats happily nattering about Wednesday’s extra 7am mobility class, I’m surprised that my legs aren’t feeling as weak as I’d expected. Of course there’s the sensation of engagement but none of that intense difficulty going down stairs that I’ve often experienced with strenuous (but fun) CrossFit workouts. My mobility is intact and muscles buzzing with adrenaline, but by evening it’s still smooth sailing with the sensation of having been used but not overused. My body silently thanks me for respecting its current abilities and boundaries.

Wednesday is another needed rest day for me with my lungs starting to clear of lerg, and the rest of the week focuses on back and shoulder strength, which pretty much results in feeling like a buffalo has done a tiny tap dance between my shoulder blades.

La la la shoulder blades la la la

I check the results of my previous weeks eating (I haven’t changed my eating style so I can see what habits are currently in place) and start to consider ways to gently adjust and improve my nutrition in a sustainable way, while completely avoiding any ‘diets’ or ‘diet style’ eating at all costs- I don’t want to put that stress on my body again (and frankly I’m working to gain its trust and forgiveness right now).
Most importantly I see that the majority of my days food intake is dinner, and my food habits are very high in carb & fat. I’d like to be high protein and fat instead, because I know I have a weakness for sugars that doesn’t suit my body as much as I’d like. The graphs of my habits of Dumpling Week 1 are shown below.

This weeks charts (below) are a little less erratic. I aim to stabilise my eating a little – at least focusing on having daily breakfast of Green Vibrance superfood shake with a scoop of whole psyllium husks. Lunch this week is mostly veggies and Macanese noodles at Wong Chi Kei. Exercise this week has also risen so my appetite has increased to Garfield-on-Mondays levels.

By Friday I’ve got an idea of areas to improve in Week 3 and a DEXA appointment booked in for the first available date after Chinese New Year : next Wednesday of Week 3.
I can’t say exactly why the DEXA scan has impacted me so… there’s something about the idea of a wide imbalanced yellow halo of fat melting away to a smooth thin layer that strikes me as beautifully symbolic of releasing old energies and past toxins.

The idea that pollutants are being stored in the fats that surround most of my body makes me feel like a purification would be most welcome, especially since all areas of my health have been worse over the time I’ve had the extra weight on.

There are likely a few factors at play but if my current fat is storing excess toxins then it would be wonderful to get cleansed and clear for a fresh start.

Life affirms this by sending to my feed an instagram image of ‘The Body’ supermodel Elle Macpherson holding a ‘green elixir’ shake which in turn inspires me to consider replacing dinners with superfood green juices. My dear friend starting a 21 day Aryvedic cleanse over Chinese New Year gives extra confirmation.

Next Wednesday of Week 3 I’d like to start very slowly weaning down on dinners and allow my body to adjust at its own pace. Chinese New Year will hopefully see out the last of my lung lerg. I’ve read that the part of the brain that is stimulated by (and addicted to) sugars is also as affected by concentrated fats, so I understand if that takes a little bit of time to start physically and emotionally stepping away from. I expect that some of my green shakes will start arriving in Week 4, with some PH testing strips too, which I’ll use to see just how far from alkaline my body is. Only gentle, natural and holistic options considered…

The DEXA scan apparently takes between 30 mins – 1.5hrs in total (I’ve been told varying times), cost per scan is $380 including scanning, analysis and discussion with a special rate of $700 for the pre and post scan with 6 month validity. I’d love to do three within six months to see my starting, middle and end body composition. Life does have a way of doing its own thing so lets see how that goes. I’m thrilled just to start with one scan.
Opening hours are 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday, dependent on availability. Not open on weekends.
Taxis from Central are approximately 15-20 minutes.
Payment can be done through credit card (visa/master), cash or cheque.

Information on the DEXA body composition scan can be found HERE.

Details : Active Health Clinic, HKU
Exercise Physiology – also known as a DEXA or DXA scan.
Address: Henry Fok Health & Fitness Complex, Stanley Ho Sports Center, 10 Sha Wan Drive, Sandy Bay, Pok Fu Lam.
Tel: 2872-1208 / 2827 1205
Fax: 2817-1974

And of course, more info on Warrior Academy is HERE at their website.
Happy Chinese New Year to all, and see you in Week 3


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