Insta360 Nano – Can’t Go Live On Periscope? Here’s WHY…

I’m tremendously excited about the Insta360 Nano being natively integrated with Periscope for live broadcasting. So much so I wanted to once again share my experience with you, despite (obviously) not being a tech blogger, so feel free to repost / share this opinion anywhere you think will add value.
As soon as I saw my first 360 scope I knew it was perfect for touristy scopes – specifically visiting Victorian buildings in Hong Kong for the book I’ll be writing with all of my fabulous periscope viewers.

I was so excited I went and bought the Insta360 Nano!

However, I couldn’t live broadcast in 360.

This admittedly doesn’t come as a big surprise to me. I know that the Periscope live Insta360 scopes are currently only in beta phase, with the launch announcement being made around Dec 28th of last year.

What prompted me to purchase the Insta360Nano was the following Jan 3rd post on Periscope’s official site :
screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-6-34-08-pmNote the highlighted section stating “broadcasting with the insta360 is natively integrated with Periscope on iOS; just attach the camera and go live.

Well actually, that’s not the case.

I attached the camera and couldn’t go live, and the reason is that an invitation code is still needed.

So either ‘just attach the camera and go live’ is going to happen in the next 24hours or they’ve jumped the gun a little. But it does goes on to say that they’ll be ‘rolling out this feature more broadly during the coming weeks’ and with that in mind I am willing to wait. All I can do is make sure that I have the latest version of Periscope installed and have joined the waitlist.

For now though, as you can see from these two screenshots below, an invitation code is needed to use Insta360(beta).
It can be used in ‘other platform’ but I know nothing about that.
Approved beta testers are using the 360 live but the rest of us will just have to sign up for the waiting list and wait (link at the bottom of this article).

img_9474img_9475I purchased my Insta360Nano at the price of HK1550- from Andy and Jason at AAI.T. Store 202-204 in Wanchai Computer Center, HK (Tel : 2757 6567 / whatsapp : 9033 2704 / They’ve helped me fix things before and are friendly and reliable and honest, so I returned and they gave me the best retail price they could.
It looks like some beta testers may have discount codes for future purchases so that’s something to keep an eye out for.

Here’s a summary from FlyCamHK, listing the Insta360Nano at HK$1,699.00 :

The picture quality is good; it seems surprising in a device so small, but it’s a nice surprise, all the same. The resolution is 3040 x 1520 for still pictures, and 3040 x 1520 with 30 fps possible for moving images through its 210-degree dual fisheye lenses. Video and still images are recorded on a TF card with a memory capacity of up to 64 GB. The camera also allows users to live-stream video content on social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube; or you can download it and play it later.

Overall I’m still utterly in love with this lightweight little gadget which looks easy to carry in my purse and use whenever I’m somewhere beautiful that I want to share with my audience. I haven’t yet tested whether I can use it with my DJI Osmo Mobile gimbal for stabilization but really that would be ideal for showcasing beautiful Victorian buildings around Hong Kong.

I guess we will find out how this all plays out soon enough, with Twitter + Periscope saying the following :

We are testing 360 broadcasts with a small group of partners, and will be rolling out this feature more broadly during the coming weeks. Please note that you will need an updated version of the app to broadcast and view 360 video. You can also watch 360 video on all web browsers except for Safari. You can apply to join the waitlist here.

I hope it’s ready for the rest of us soon, I want to take you to those buildings!

Here’s my little periscope video on this topic :


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