My Weight Loss : My Story

I’ve got to admit, this is a topic which could be interesting to write about. Body image and weight loss is a topic that worldwide can be controversial, delicate, tricky and defensive.

However, I’m going to share only my own experience and opinion, which have no bearing or allusion to anyone else or their situation. I can only speak for myself, and my conclusions may be biased in my own ways.

Firstly I my viewpoint is affected by my life experiences because my background is in the entertainment industry; I started modelling in my teens and continued into radio, TV and movie work – so there’s always been a lot of focus on weight for my work.

Secondly, because I’m reasonably body confident I know when my body feels strong, when it feels heavy, and when it feels best. I’m built like my fathers side of the family – lean, reasonably tall and T-shaped with athletic shoulders and muscle tone.

Therefore I’m never going to be the skinny minnie that my agencies dream of me being, but I do often look how people would describe ‘slim’ much of the time due to my body composition and am most physically comfortable when I am strong and lean.

However, after law studies and a semi-hiatus from entertainment which included getting married and indulging in both overeating and exploring new foods, I managed to stack on a few pounds of flab. Call it a ‘freshman fifteen’ plus, if you will. Blame Movenpick ice cream and Sara Lee pound cake (I love bitter chocolate) and the introduction of larger helpings of processed foods and regular dinners (I’ve never been much of a dinner person) and voila – there’s my weight to lose.

It’ll occur by reducing meal sizes, cutting dinners and replacing chocolatey junkness with whole foods, fruits and things like raw 10-min delicious easy-to-make superfood fudge brownies. (Last time I ate the brownies instead of junk food for two days and my stomach went down half an inch).

I do believe that eating very small portions is a key to shrinking the stomach, and corseting can help with that by reducing the amount the stomach can stretch out from overeating. When my stomach was naturally 25-26″ it was with small meals as a habit. I hadn’t yet started to indulge in the popular culture of overeating, and it was only overeating that piled on the pounds as never before.

I also wanted to try pursuing more active corset waist training, specifically after exercise, to trial the theory mentioned on Lucy’s Corsetry about the possibility of muscle sculpting through wearing a corset after exercise, as I find it very interesting due to my T-shaped figures natural inclination towards a straighter waist. As you know I’m intermittently adding to my YouTube diaries (channel: Pearls & Arsenic) on that and hope to post corset training and Q&A videos more regularly in the year ahead.

In conjunction with my food changes I’d love to write about and live broadcast on my efforts, struggles and progress.

My goal is simply to start making better food choices and develop from there.

Though this isn’t a health or fitness blog, I thought it could possibly be interesting for all those curious about a weight-loss-with-corsetry experience.

That’s my story so far and you’ll be able to find out and follow my successes, challenges, ups and downs and other experiences here on The Curious Raven or on my FB, Instagram or Twitter Live, all @RavenTao ?


Note : I’ve made a waist training 3 months diary before but without improved food choices my weight continued fluctuating. However, the diary is at the link below for anyone interested in my first foray into active waist training. This time around will be my second serious pursuit. Link here : CORSET CURVES 3 Month Corset + Exercise Experiment.


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