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I’m sorry, I just wouldn’t be one of those billionaires that throws cash around for no reason. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (you can throw your billions wherever you like darlings!) but it’s just not my style.

Okay maybe a little bit…

I like curating and collecting things and educating myself at the same time. Value hunting for luxury has quite a few of those elements, and while it may sound odd, I feel like many of those traits can be useful in other areas of life.

As said billionaire, I’d want to know I have the best price on that car, property, yacht, land sale and be sure I’m not being ripped off because I haven’t done my due diligence or am being careless. I had enough careless years in my early 20’s.

Now I appreciate luxury even more…

But I want to enjoy it at a great price and more often.

I still want that Loewe Amazona bag that I’ve been in love with for years, but I’m more likely to consider finding it on luxury brand resalers like Vestiaire or Luxury Garage Sale, where I have purchased a few fabulous designer bags at incredible prices – including a vintage Loewe messenger for all of US$160- (Don’t hate me.)

Nom nom nom Loewe

So if you love luxury, style, elegance and great value too, I hope you’ll join me for some of my Raven Loves topics over the months ahead.
I thrill with anticipation…

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