My ideas on modern Baroque interior design

Baroque interiors are tricky to really get right, but it is possible to decorate a home in this style with a modern twist. For full baroque style a very high level of commitment is required – usually including wallpapering and cornicing, but it is very possible to achieve a cosy baroque feel without having to have every element in the style. Lets explore this a little further…

I’ve noticed that the main features of designing an apartment with this inspiration rely on the major furniture items of the room – the bed, sofa, table, bookshelves etc. With those items in a baroque style it’s much easier to wrap the rest of the room around that design element.

For example, an ornate couch with some flattering ornate sconces may be all that is needed to create the mood for a whitewashed shabby versailles chic. While other items may complement this style, it is possible to have plain or simple elements that simply don’t detract from the mood.

Big rococo standing mirrors with gold gilded frames are another lovely and reasonably simple way to add this bourgeois feel to a room without having to sacrifice on the comfort of cosy wide modern family sofas.

I also love the bright effect of having a mirror this size in the house and it is well complimented with a classic chandelier style. If one is lucky enough to have a fireplace, a beautifully perched ornate framed mirror is almost a baroque style must!

My personal favourite elements of this style of design are the little antique details that are able to be found so easily at vintage and market sales across the world. I’ve bought many lovely items for my own home from Ebay UK and USA including french sconces and candlestick holders, and I have a lovely antique gold framed Ikea mirror that perches next to a heavy damask curtain.

The key to successfully craft a modern baroque feel is this :

Have baroque style in mind when starting to decorate.

Choose key elements, and continue with an inspired mind. Avoid items that really won’t match with this style, and welcome items that compliment it.
This is the most important thing, because that focal point will inspire much of the surrounding decorating and accessorising

There are so many ways to combine old and new items to create a lovely homely baroque style vibe that is both luxurious and perfect for relaxation.
As a home-loving person who adores this style of design, I’m excited to explore this much further with you!

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