The beauty of landscaped gardens

Landscaped gardens are truly the crown of every castle or stately home. Whether finely detailed or the simple expanse of rolling hills, there is a true beauty in seeing nature so artfully coaxed into the types of designs that truly captivate the heart and mind with the true romance of a Disney film or historical novel.

For this reason I shall be exploring some of the great gardens of the world on The Curious Raven, along with interiors, castles and interior style that I personally adore.

While castles are often more of a moving spectacle of workmanship and history than a place I would call home, I do adore the warmth and cosy rooms of many smaller castles and hope to share some of those stories with you over the years ahead.

Here there is so much writing to do – on gardens and homes, fashion and on my Victorian Hong Kong book of exquisitely ornate colonial buildings in Hong Kong. I wanted to thank you for joining me on this journey of beauty ahead – it truly excites me to explore and pursue these incredible elements of our beautiful world with you.


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