Fashion is hard. So I’m going for iconic monochromatic.

It’s pretty difficult to find the perfect look and can take even longer to find the perfect personal style that can translate across our many social landscapes. How do I go from lunchtime to evening to lounging at home while maintaining the same strong sense of personal style as Dita von Teese? And what if I don’t want to wear heels all the time or have a lot of errands to run?
Dita does it and so can we, though we need not be quite as dramatically committed to silver screen glamour to do so in our own lives. (Though that’s definitely an option!)

Personally, I think the year ahead is going to see me streamline my wardrobe and (rather disappointly) throw out many fabulous items that are too ‘fashiony’ for me. They’re just too hard to match and rarely get wear because of it.
Maybe it’s just me, but does anyone else find it difficult to pair really strong statement fashion items with anything other than bland outfits?

Like wearing all black everything because the top is crazy? Or familiar jeans and boots with any other bold fashion item?

Frankly I’m just too old for this fast fashion crap.

Whether mentally, emotionally or otherwise, I don’t want to have to meticulously figure out a rubiks cube outfit every day. I just want some great pieces that make me look fabulous all the time.

But I want that vintage elegance too… and here’s my main exploration in how I’m going to start achieving it.


Single colour themes from head to toe, with lush pops of colour to accessorise.

Navy blue top & slacks – anyone can do it. Add a bright belt if we want to highlight the waist and a vibrant bag. Personally I love the following colours with a splash of the other  :

  • Dark blue & red
  • Royal purple & red
  • Black & white
  • Dark green & yellow
  • White & yellow

In the year ahead I’ll be exploring ways to pair solid colours with bright splashes. My beautiful Portobello market fedoras in burgundy, blue and purple will probably help dictate the colour splash.

This block colour approach also has the added advantage of visually adding height to a look, which I always love. You can follow my journey here on The Curious Raven and on my instagram or twitter live broadcasts.

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