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As you know, I like to explore and am always joyfully curious. Through my obsessive love of the Victorian Trading Co. I discovered a way to place ads on my site without Google Adsense. This fascinates me because it means I can manually choose the advertisers that may suit this site best.

I’m extremely select and refuse to place any ads for companies I haven’t used and vetted myself.

Through the affiliate marketing website Rakuten I’ve applied to collaborate with companies I love and personally buy from like Victorian Trading Co., Royal Albert (honestly, our Miranda Kerr set brings us SUCH joy), India Jane (whose ornate photos frames and just EVERYTHING I adore) and super fun $5+ design & creative services site Fiverr, with whom I am creating my new Pearls & Arsenic corsetry logo and name card.

I also have my eyeball on collaborating with ASOS because I love their range and value but don’t yet meet their requirements, so will continue to build this little blog until I do. There is also an absolutely darling little travel site which I have rather fallen in love with – it curates all inclusive holidays at decent prices and I’ve asked if they want any Hong Kong suggestions for their rather empty Asia section.
Sadly the site is only available for use by USA & Canada residents so I can’t try it out myself at present, but I’m very much considering their ads simply because the quality looks lovely and they have an interest section titled CASTLES plus two others of ‘Art & Architecture’ and ‘Culture & History’. Drool.
If they had a Hong Kong tour section it might be a winner. Lets see. I’d love to have a good flight link here for anyone thinking of travelling to Hong Kong.

I have scrolled through hundreds of potential affiliates, read and researched many of them, and have finally narrowed the ads on TheCuriousRaven down to only companies I feel you and I could enjoy or find useful.

Frankly I can think of nothing lovelier than sitting together on an all inclusive holiday at a castle in cosy Victorian Trading Co. fleece lined shirtwaists and Asos winter jackets, discussing creative concepts in progress at Fiverr while sipping tea from our Royal Albert teacups with travel framed photos of loved ones on the table.
And that is why I have chosen these exclusive companies to consider for ads on TheCuriousRaven.NET

So if you see these ads around the site and feel like clicking on them, please do. I’ll probably be in there shopping too.

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