An Open Letter To Humanity

I have not been alive very long, but I have been alive long enough to believe that we, humanity, are doing a bad job with the gifts we’ve been given. I believe that a truly intelligent race would focus on sustainable growth, not on fear; on protecting our home planet and stopping all destruction of it. We would use our intelligence to find immediate solutions for cleaning up the only home we have – earth – and turn our energy towards ensuring that we as all the people of all countries work towards our common goals of finding and balancing both peace and prosperity for mutual reward.

There will still be greed and there will still be corruption. We are human and we are not perfect. But I ask you this – are we trying hard enough?


Are we trying hard enough to be better? Or are we simply telling ourselves that we are doing just fine, as we watch reality TV and snapchat our lives? Can we honestly say that we – I, me, each of us – is actually making an effort to try and make the world better in some way today?

And if not, why not? When did we stop caring? When did our basic love for other people start fading into the mist of money obsessed self indulgence that we are drowning in, wrestling with depression, anxiety and despair as we do so? How can we not see that our life raft is within our own blessings?

For while there will always be chaos in humanity’s path – are we making the best choices to avoid repeating our mistakes? Are we deciding to unite for a better future for our children? Or are have we created such unstable times that we are only able to see as far as the holes we’ve dug for ourselves?

Are we the intelligent creatures we like to celebrate ourselves as being or are we merely hyenas fighting for scraps of carnage? The god-given gifts of free thought, creativity and personal choice are being misspent on angers and petty judgements and unworldly issues. The curiosity and vision we have used to discover the incredible world around us and map out our globe has all too oft culminated in wars of ownership.

Can so few of us see that the planet we are on is shared by all of us? That we are one giant community in little circles? That the self destructive tendencies we wallow in do not serve any one of us to be happier or more fulfilled as an entity? Are we really trying to reveal ourselves to be no more than mindless ants – attacking whatever we feel is a threat to our safety? Whether it is true or completely false?

I am not perfect. I am far from it. I am not doing all that I know I could be to help others and do my very best with the talents, skills and gifts I have been so blessed with.

But here and now, today, maybe this is my wake up call.

Maybe it’s time for me to try harder…
Maybe it’s time for all of us.


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