Should You Wear A Corset On Your Wedding Day?

I’m obviously a big fan of corsets. I love them enough to have founded the first luxury corset brand in my city.
My corsets have been on magazine covers and broadcast on international television in Asia’s Next Top Model. Yet I’ve shied away from doing bridal corsetry despite there being a massive (and very profitable) market for it.

The reason for this is simple –

I believe that many brides don’t corset train properly before their wedding day.

Sadly, many brides aren’t told that a corset takes 6-8 weeks to season to the shape of your body, or that you need to wear it loosely for an hour upwards every day to get used to it. They aren’t guided in how to choose the best fit for their body – a service that good corsetieres like Dark Garden Corsetry and others will provide.

I can only recommend wearing a corset on your wedding day to two types of people :

  1. People who are familiar with wearing corsets.
  2. People who are willing to patiently become familiar with wearing corsets.

For everyone else, a brand new corset on an important day could potentially be a painful memory. And that’s not what I want brides to remember!!

Trying to do a full day of advanced yoga without any training is probably going to be uncomfortable and unpleasant.  Likewise wearing a corset without any prior corset training to prepare the body is going to be similarly inelegant.

I do not recommend wearing an unseasoned corset for the first time on a wedding day.

For those who are new to corseting but would like to buy a corset to season into for their wedding, I’d recommend a featherweight brand like Angela Friedman whose soft curves season fast and can barely be seen. Her corsets can be worn daily (I wear my AF overbust 8 hours + without issue and it’s my favourite day wear corset, with my Dark Garden overbust in close second place.)

For those brides who have a full corset designed into their dress and the wisdom to prepare, it’s a bit trickier. Ideally the corset would be removable so you can season it in the months before the wedding day.

If it’s not able to be removed, I recommend purchasing any similar length corset from Orchard Corset and loosely wearing every day for increasing amounts of time for the 3 months before the wedding day.
This acclimatises the waist, hips and ribs to wearing a corset and allows us to find our preferred lacing style, tightness and duration. However the wedding dress corset will still be stiffer from lack of wear, but at least your body will be familiar with a corset and able to adjust more comfortably.

Those are my reasons for not enouraging brides to wear corsets for the first time on their wedding day.

I have too many friends who have told me of their wedding day discomfort in their tightly corseted dress, shortness of breath, grumpy mood, impatience to get out of the corset – all on a day that is meant to be enjoyed as a beautiful celebration.

Most of these women have been surprised to find out they weren’t educated correctly by the person recommending they wear one. Almost 100% of women I have had this conversation with were surprised, and had no idea about corset styles or seasoning time needed. They all say they wish they’d spoken with me before their wedding!

I wore a corset on my wedding day, and many women do.
If you are going to wear one I suggest preparing to do so, and I have plenty of videos here on The Curious Raven – including this 3 Months of Tightlacing series that might be helpful for deciding whether you want to wear a corset, or just go with a dress with pretty back lacing with underwear of 1950’s style relaxed Merry Widow bralette or another shapewear option without boning.

I promise to make a corset seasoning video in my One Minute Of Corsets With Raven series. Please leave any questions in the comments and I’ll address them in a future video.

I’m aiming to increase useful posts on this site so please feel free to mention any corsetry topics you’d like to see written about.
Many more corsetry posts and videos coming soon!

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  1. I never considered a corset but did wear a Merry Widow, much like the one in the photo, under my strapless gown on my wedding day. I never knew all this about corsets, it’s very interesting actually! Thank you!

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