TRIUMPH! My Shaolin Adventure, Return To Corseting and Better Health!

It is with delight that I note my body has finally started to return to its natural state, slinking back like a beautiful runaway pet returning home through the garden.

Hurrah for my healthier Shaolin body!

The cleaner whole foods and intensive bootcamp exercise of my recent Shaolin martial arts adventure has definitely been to thank for my return to health from recent years of general malaise, with my body quite badly detoxing in the first week with ulcers and a very random breakout of never-before-experienced acne on one of my arms, and then bucking back to strength from the second week onwards.
While my physical changes have been most noticeable in the week following my departure from the academy – mostly with my face, belly and thighs reducing in swelling- they are not visually extreme. However, I can feel with true relief a marked difference in my strength and health levels.
The experience was intense and strangely calming with a strong sense of shared purpose and community.

Life was simple and structured. Meals were predictable. Challenges daily.

I document the entire experience in my upcoming mini chronicle which I am working on completing now. I think I’ll add a packing list to it as well.

I had to leave the academy slightly early to tour for a feature film press junket in China, and look forward to returning next year with some specific preparation in order that I might gain even more from the experience.

Looking back at the majestic Kunyu mountains in my mind, I smile and feel very motivated to continue my training so that I may better achieve progress in the forms I wish to learn. The visual illusion of effortless is one that dancers have mastered but required an incredible amount of physical strength and agility that I now seek, which will take a tremendous amount of work from my current point of fitness.

To help me on my journey I have found a fitness provider that offers pilates, barre, gymnastics, crossfit, cardio kickboxing and Krav Maga amongst many other things as part of their monthly classes package and I shall visit on Monday to see if they are a fit for my journey.

For now, I end my week of rest – for this is how much time it has taken for me to stop blinking like an exhausted sloth and return to feeling more normal again – and I excitedly rummage through my wardrobe to greet my corsets as old friends.
Oh, how I’ve missed them and missed wearing them!

They hug my waist happily and I return to my joyful life of corseting and writing with a newfound flame of passion for achieving my personal physical goals in martial arts. No longer nervousness or timidity do I find when I turn my eyes to my path, but only the reflected fire glimmering in the eye of a tiger stalking her prey.


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