Crazy Dancing Behind The Scenes Of Todays Short Film

Short films can be valuable to actors for updating showreels, exploring different characters and trying out new challenges in their careers. They also let a team practice and refine their skills or try new techniques.
Then there’s also the opportunity of working with different teams to experience each others style, which is an important part of both building professional reputation and discovering others on-set character in person.

Actor & tenor Elia Astorino on camera

The short film I recently filmed looks like it is going to turn out beautifully, with thoughtfully planned pull focus and ECU (extreme close up) shots dancing through the story. If the director Jeffrey lets me post the final video here then I shall do as soon as it’s ready in a few months from now. Otherwise all I can offer is this little crazy Periscope behind the scenes video (complete with spoiler!) filmed by actress Bianca Stam while she was in Hong Kong for a short work trip and happened to have a few hours to spend with me. Hope you enjoy the Periscope madness!


A little bit of crazy as Bianca Stam takes over Raven’s Periscope on the set of a short film… 

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