Kung Fu, Martial Arts And Me

I’ve been fascinated by the beauty of martial arts for years, but for some unknown reason never truly pursued it.
Perhaps in a quiet cupboard of my soul there is an aversion to the discipline I’d require, as well as a tentativeness about not having competitive qualities; for this art form is one we learn to perfect both in training and in combat with others, and I strongly feel that I am more of a giver than a fighter.

However, having met some incredibly kind and admirable stunt artists in my foray into acting, I have had to reevaluate whether my view of the competitive nature of martial arts is accurate… and there is only one way to find out.

Now with my frustrating food intolerances fading into the distance and my body finally responding to cleaner eating habits, I’ve had the freedom to set my sights on pursuing challenges with confidence and excitement. With an open mind, perhaps I may even discover the intricate ways in which a good challenger is truly a blessing to those who have honed their skills.
I am certain this will be a journey long, challenging and quite fascinating to experience.

Wheeee I’m freeeeeeeee!

The time is right for me to gather my courage and step into this incredibly beautiful world of self discipline and self discovery. My pursuit of TV & film acting opportunities is a perfect reason to actively explore more martial arts and it is with this in mind that I have been looking into options from basic kickboxing to Shaolin training, samurai sword and Tessen war fan techniques.
All of these I pursue for one reason alone :

There is something about authenticity that I simply adore. The flying fist that has carved its path a hundred times is more convincing than one that has been coached for a single scene.

Therefore I add to my lifelong pursuit of beauty a genuine pursuit of authenticity, whether it be authenticity in a straight acting role or a fight scene; a knowledge of the historical reasons a form was done or learning about different styles and my own way of absorbing them. While I must accept that I will likely never have the depth of knowledge or expertise of any of my teachers or many of my peers, I also trust and truly respect my own path and purpose as I journey forward on the river of life.

With these things in mind, I know that the forms I would most like to pursue are those that are most feminine. Ballet is such an incredible art to my eye and I feel that a well executed martial arts form can be just as beautiful, especially when costumed to accentuate certain movements with a flourish. Given this similarity and my very obvious love of corsetry, it is highly likely that I shall pursue the (probably highly) controversial path of studying martial arts and also separately wearing corsets by Angela Friedman, the former head of ladies ballet costumes at the New York City Ballet. With her featherweight corsets so expertly crafted for ballet dancers ease of movement (and her past history in theatre and opera costuming and corseting) they are my top choice for daily corsets to wear in leisure time, as well as for filming to create a dramatically Marvel comic silhouette if necessary.

In my mind what I want to do in films…
In reality… Me with my stunt friends

So there’s not much else to do but brace myself, drag my lazy and extremely unfit butt off the couch, head over to my Shaolin academy experience and make sure I keep blogging my updates here, on The Curious Raven youtube channel and of course on Periscope @RavenTao whenever I can.

Thank you to everyone who will follow, support and journey alongside me on this path. I hope that you can enjoy some of the ups and downs with me as I plunge headfirst into this great adventure.

Life goals : Be better than Chun-Li

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  1. Hi Raven, this is really unlike me to comment but what the hell right? I follow you on Periscope under the name of “TheVegasCloser” and wanted to say I enjoy following you and listening to your takes on life’s perspectives when you fight through the endless barage of stupid trolls on periscope. Its very refreshing to feel an intellectual connection with someone I no nothing about. The fact your in Hong Kong a place I always always wanted to visit definitely adds a plus. Its prob one of most important things to check off next on my bucket list a HK visit.

    Well, I wont bore you anymore than needed. I am sure I am just a drop in a huge bucket as another fan of yours sending you useless information. ? Thanks for reading this if you do.

    See you soon on the scope.

    Devin TheVegasCloser


    1. Thanks so much for the comment, how fun! Wonderful to hear that Hong Kong speaks to you, as do my little rambles on Periscope. I’m working on building this little site up more so hopefully more people can comment and meet up here for chats on the personal growth topics. It’s an interesting area to me and I’m so thankful to have been inspired to explore it on Periscope. The trolls are good practice for my focus, as you know I want to improve in that area! 🙂 Have a wonderful day and hope you get to pop by Hong Kong sometime soon! Do let us know!

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