Periscope Adventures & #ScopeTeamHK

It’s been quite a journey since @PenguinSix introduced me to Periscope when I bumped into him at Hooked Fish & Chips while filming for work.

Thank you to all my Periscope followers for being so incredible, fun and supportive.
I love Scoping with you!

Wooo landscape mode! #fave

I’m thrilled to have such great (and hilarious) Scopers from around the world to interact with, and to have been connected with the #ScopeTeamHK group of dynamic and positive-minded Periscopers based in Hong Kong.

Below are some of the rambling videos I’ve been making on my Scope journey, listed here with the most recent first and going down to some earlier scopes where I discuss some of the issues I faced with Scope saves and other WordPress Guided Migration & theme / general tech issues I was experiencing at the time.
I’ll update with more Scopes here and will also intersperse them throughout other blog posts.

Welcome To The MadHouse #Scopeteamhk With @JohnHo. Friends not food. 

Meetup with @JohnHo #ScopeTeamHK. If I can stop being stupidly lost… 


No Comments / Hearts Saved With Periscope Autosave Function. But at least I’m next to a pool waterfall.

First Time Trying Periscope #Save Beta Tag. Oh why does technology hate me this week?

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