Time Travel Hong Kong – Streets 100 Years Apart In Photographs


These incredible images were created by local Hong Kong photographer Ken Tam Kim-leung, who weaves together images of HK streets. Blending modern day with historical photographs taken 100 years ago at the same spot, this incredible and breathtaking series is called ‘Passages of Time’.

With my penchant for all things Victoriana and growing passion for Victorian Hong Kong, I felt these works of photographic art really make it more possible for us to relate to the people who were living and working in this exciting city all those decades ago.

As the highly recommended walking tour historian Jason Wordie reminded us on one of his mesmerising walking tours of Hong Kong, these people were just like you and I with goals and dream and ambitions as we scurry about on our daily lives. People’s targets may have changed over the years, but the modern human striving for personal accomplishment and success remains a steady theme throughout history.

f0e9b139abfb5570a896add21e5a63a6I hope you enjoy some of my suggestions for the Victorian Hong Kong itineraries which allow you to see both Victorian elements and get a taste of local elements, which I feel truly captures the history of Hong Kong as a developing city. (Since the 1840’s).

I shall be pursuing more knowledge along this avenue in my rare moments away from work and shall share with all who care to watch me rambling on my Periscope account (Raven Tao). See you there, or here for more updates on Victorian and Historical Hong Kong!

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