Interview with Julianne Coriandoli of Retrofolie


Name: Julianne Coriandoli
Corset Brand: RetroFolie
Role: Designer and manufacturer
Country where you’re based: Canada


How and when did you become interested in corsets?
I first became interested in corsets when I was 18 years old. At that age, I was a cabaret performer and costuming was becoming a big part of my life. This new interest gave me the urge to know more about sewing and creating garments of all sorts. I started studying fashion in 2009.

What made you think of creating / designing corsets?
After multiple failed attempts, I made my first corset in my second year of fashion school. This corset was inspired by the wonderful cabaret Moulin Rouge. Satin red panels, fringe, feathers and lots of rhinestones were all part of this creation. My teachers were very impress with my work and decided to showcase my corset for three months in the school. From there, I was constantly reading and practicing corsetmaking. I loved the challenge it gave me and wanted to make real unique corsets.

How long have you been making / designing corsets?
As a full time job, it has been around two years.

Where do you get your inspiration from for corsets?
I get my inspiration from so many things such as music, old movies, novels and fashion trends. But my biggest inspiration and passion will always be history.

What was your first memory of corsets?
Thierry Mugler’s Spring/Summer 1997 collection.

What was your first experience wearing a corset?
The first time I wore a corset was for a photoshoot for a friend. I was about 18years old. The corset a underbust in simple black satin from Il Bollero. I laced it as tight as possible for the picture and I was so impress with the silhouette!

How your corsets are tastes different now to what they were then?
I used to prefer burlesque sparkly corset over anything. While I still adore this style, with time I have more admiration for historical reproduction, something I would love to make.

Do you still wear corsets?
For special occasion but not for daily wear.

Are there any issues you face when wearing corsets?
My left ribcage is sticking out and having pressure on it for hours causes a lot of pain. I tried everything with patterns and ribcage shape but the only thing that is not causing this discomfort is a waspie style corset.

Do you have any tips for putting on your corset?
Unlace properly so you don’t force the front busk.

What kind/shape/era of corsets do you prefer?
I really love the evolution of corsets and I thing all eras are beautiful but my favorite would have to be the XVIIIe century stays. Rococo art and fashion as always been one of my favorite.

Do you have any other preferences in your corsets?

I like to make sure every little detail is well sewn, straight seams, pattern matched or mirror matched, a net binding and sturdy construction.

What tips would you give to corset newbies?
Get as much information as possible on waist training; there is a lot of good bloggers/you tubers sharing their knowledge. Also, waist training requires patience. Everyone’s bodies is different, understand yours.

Do you have any favorite fellow corsetieres?
I do admire a lot of my fellow corsetiere such as Corsetry & Romance, Sparklewren and Royal Black.

Any pets? What’s their silliest quirk if so?
I have two beautiful cats and one of them is obsess with potato chips 🙂

Favourite quotes? Books? Movies?
I am a big book and movie fan. My all-time favorite books are Anne of Green Gables novels series by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery. A collection that is very nostalgic to me. My favorite movies, just to name a few, Ziegfeld Follies, The New World, to kill a Mockingbird, All About Eve, Star Wars (IV, V, VI), The Hours, Baraka, Dead Poet Society, Anna Karenina and Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain.

Other passions or hobbies?
History, Geography and Yoga every day!

Favourite things right now?
Studying Canada’s history and the Aboriginal culture.

Name: Julianne Coriandoli

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