What could be better than one minute videos on corseting and corsetry? Probably many things, including nutella and baby animals, but I have decided to go ahead and make these fun and silly little one minute videos anyways.

I realised that I’ve been intermittent with my corseting videos and thought this was a nice way to get information out there while not tying it to a waist goal (since I’ve been SOOOO physically lazy this recent few months!!)

Yawn. Snore. Write. Repeat.

Over Xmas 2015 I started my writing on a TV series idea and decided to really enjoy my holiday in the UK. Loose corsets, roasted potatoes and lots of chocolate for me! Since then I have felt great and have continued with my less strict whole foods (and far too much chocolate) eating styles. My waist is starting to droop over my belt line but I feel surprisingly carefree about it all.

Probably on a Nutella high…

However, I return to my waist training and waist goals of 23″ (one day) and shall upload the next video in my waist training diary when I’m smaller than my last entry of 27.5″ and back to being less super-lazybones.

Herein you will find my one minute videos from my Pearls & Arsenic Corsetry YouTube channel.

Some of them have a topic and others are just thoughts on corsetry that pop into my head in the space of a minute.
If you have any questions on corsets that you’d like to see me answer, just leave a comment here or on my Pearls & Arsenic Youtube channel.

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