Beginners List Of Corset Brands And Styles

What corset to buy? From where and in which style? I thought I’d create a list of some common corset brands with my thoughts on their looks and styles for all those who might find it useful.

This post is a work in progress, (as you can clearly see!), but I wanted to post it unfinished so that people could refer to it as and when they need it, and also so you can comment if there are any brands you want to see written about or have opinions to share about.

In this list I abbreviate OTR for Off The Rack corsets, which are corsets that are bought as they are and usually without customisation. Sometimes known as RTW (Ready To Wear) although this is more of a fashion industry than corsetry term. These are of standard measurements and are best  suitable for people who have roughly average proportions.

Here’s an intro to corsets for beginners – I’ve yet to continue this series but I introduce some of the basic terms here. It’s worth a watch to quickly learn the terms you’ll become familiar with once corseting.

Hip spring is the term used for description of the curviness of the corset. You’ll see me use this term a lot, as I love the dramatically cinch waisted look that a big hip spring gives. Good OTR brands for this look are Isabella Corsetry and Mystic City Corsets at the lower end of the price spectrum, with the best pricing from Restyle.Pl and some Orchard Corset options for those who like the brand.
(They’re not quite curvy enough for me to wear out personally but are a really great starter brand with many colour options, and my favourite daily / homewear waist training mesh waspies are the black & nude Orchard Corsetry CS-201.)

Thereafter there is my favourite brand Angela Friedman, which gives lovely gentle hip spring in a featherweight fabric, and the pricier OTR What Katie Did styles. My brand Pearls & Arsenic has some curvy satin, brocade and lace waist training corsets around the same price as Isabella Corsetry, with some subtly crystalled options too. My goal was always to create a corset brand in my home town and to provide the most competitively priced OTR crystalled underbusts in the international markets, since I noticed that there was a big jump in price from OTR corsetry to anything with lace or crystals.


Mystic City Corsets – OTR – USD 65 – 140~
Easy to find on eBay, big hip spring and some lovely models. Leather, mesh, cotton. Good prices for those who are starting out. Heavier feel and takes longer to season.

Meschantes Corsetry – OTR – USD 210~ starting price
(Note : Widely reputed to have the worst customer care / service of all newbie corset brands.)
Easy to find on, with accessible closed front corsets. I have a few of these and find them very good for stealth since they have long laces (which I find essential if there is no front busk). I wore a Merchants ‘Contessa’ bridal overbust under my wedding dress on my wedding day. They’re mid weight and take a few weeks to season, becoming very comfortable.
Renowned for bad customer communication and have a reputation for complaints about lack of reply after payment and no recourse.

Orchard Corsetry – OTR – USD 60 – 90~
A great starter brand, and for many their brand of choice. With wonderful YouTube videos and tutorials, an enthusiastic team, constant sales, a wide range of colours and 3 choices of curve rating, this is one of the best loved steel boned corset brands on the market today. Not very big hip spring. Recommended to own a few from here while starting out. Their mesh corsets have more give than their heavier cotton ones and are faster to season.

Restyle.Pl – OTR – USD 42 – 71~

What Katie Did – OTR – USD 230 – 300~
Specialists in vintage underwear and corsetry, this massive UK company is well respected for their curvy corsets including the revered ‘Vamp’ underbust which has one of the biggest OTR hip springs around. Also available in overbusts, the options are quite breathtaking but the prices are to match, with the ‘Vamp’ underbust slinking in at approx USD231~ and their ‘Laurie’ overbust at USD245~.

More brands in processing and coming soon … 🙂
Please leave a comment for any brands you’d like to see or have an opinion about.
And of course you can always mosey on over to peruse my more in-depth and ever growing list of incredible corsetieres (who provide a range of bespoke, OTR and some customisable OTR corsetry) who can all be found in my ‘Meet The Corsetieres‘ section.

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  1. I have a Restyle wh and love it. My friend has a Restyle CU. It’s a great starter corset for me not just because of the price but because I am naturally curvy and I am not sure any other otr has a big enough hip spring! Maybe a Mystic City, but only with the hip ties.

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