Excited About My Colourful Dupioni Summer Underbust Corsets for Pearls & Arsenic?

This summer I want to add some incredible colours to the Pearls & Arsenic underbust collection and am excited to explore a summer exploding with eye-catching two-tone dupioni silks . The Pearls & Arsenic 24″ black & brocade underbust corsets have been best sellers, and the other underbusts have received a lot of interest and all found their way to loving homes via my dearest stockists, Sally Coco Intimate Lifestyle Store at 10-16 Cochrane Street in Central Hong Kong.

I wonder if these bright future underbusts might also find their way to powerful women who wish to celebrate the simplicity of their beauty. At present I’m not decided on whether to crystal them, as I imagine that the fabric itself may present all the glory necessary to make an impactfully fierce feminine statement and I am a big fan of under-complicating things.
(I was going to write ‘simplifying’ there, but decided that it was a little too much of a simplification for what I’m trying to say. I do love beautiful things to be and remain complicated, for that is part of what makes them so engaging, but not over-complicated to the point of noise, if that makes any sense…)

Sourcing these fabrics has been a long process that has required much trawling through markets as well as scouring online and on instagram for the right colours, tone, texture and quality.
Finding the right mesh for my ongoing mesh corset explorations is proving to be even trickier, and it will soon almost be a year since I first started Pearls & Arsenic and decided to create a mesh beauty, but I am quite intent on having a perfect mesh corset created even if it takes me to the end of my days to get it just right. Obviously I am a bit of a fabric pedant, though I try my best to finalise on the middle ground to keep the prices as accessible as possible.

I look forward to corsets returning from their photo shoot with Jessica Magazine and taking their place in Sally Coco, whom I hope to continue to work together with over this year to solidify as the go-to location for all things corsetry in Hong Kong. Please stay tuned for updates!
Also, I promise to try and be better at posting updates on my @PearlsAndArsenic instagram this year. I know I’ve been remiss and you all really deserve better. So better you shall have, my dearests!

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Fabulously eccentric actress, TV host, curvaceous model and founder of Hong Kong ’s first luxury corset brand Pearls & Arsenic.
 I love sharing my passion for all things elegant, beautiful & inspiring. My Dearest Beloved and I live with a fluffy Angora rabbit named Lord Pemberly III, who is a ridiculous snob, and his dwarf-lop bunny brother, The Earl of Tillington.  Find me on IG @RavenTao or FB : Raven Tao ❤


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