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It was an absolute pleasure to spend the day with Uncle Alllom, the eldest son in the Allom line here in the UK. He and his dear wife hold a beautiful collection of Allom works, including a small portrait of Thomas Allom – the same one that’s found on the Wikipedia page for him. As there is such a beautiful history in this line, I wanted to write and post about it more here, since I’m now a part of the ongoing history of this family.

Speaking to my Dearest Beloved’s grandmother, I learn of our future children’s ancestral links to author Virginia Woolf, photographer Juila Cameron, founding member of the Royal Institute of Architects Thomas Allom and others… So I’ll post what I find about these interesting historical characters for any who may be interested.

On my own side the history reputedly leads back through my maternal grandmother, Bella Barclay, to the bankers named Barclay and the soldier Prince Barclay de Tolly from Clan Barclay, who was made Minister of War in 1810 and two years later was given command of the Russian armies who were fighting against Napoleon. Apparently the appointment of a Scottish commander-in-chief was resented by the nobles of Russia, however his capabilities were respected.

More on all this another time, but for now please enjoy these rare images of Thomas Allom’s work – some from books on his travels and others from the walls of my new Aunt and Uncle, who so generously gave me permission to photograph and post them here.

Apologies that some of the pictures in frames have so much reflection on them. I tried my best to make them as clear as possible. A few of those are duplicated in the gallery below, just in case one of the photos shows some parts and not others.
Click on any of the images in the gallery for a closer look. Enjoy!

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