The Celebrated Waist of Woman – Why We Love Curves

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The feminine charm of a womans waist is something I’ve long been convinced of. Svelte, strong, motherly, matronly, sexy or alluring; the waist of a lady can deliver the world clues of her age, habits and lifestyle at a glance. We often celebrate the waist without saying as much, and I think it deserves more credit for making the female body one of the most beautiful things in the world.


As I progress in my pursuit of beauty and elegance in my own life, my explorations constantly bring me back to the same vivid point- that the waist of a woman is a strongly and undeniably feminine part of the female silhouette.
Eras reflect the covetable beauty of a strong and slender waist, from models in renaissance art to the fashion designers and photographers of today.

Marilyn Monroe was celebrated for her tiny waist and the curves that joined it, as centuries of women have been before her. As I delve into the archives of art from past centuries, again and again I am reminded that the female waist is inescapably celebrated in the nudes and fashion archives of many eras.

While our waist is not necessarily something that is publicised as the secret of youth, I believe that along with well maintained skin, a woman’s waist may be one of the keys to maintaining a youthful appearance throughout a lifetime.
Think of actresses like Sharon Stone, Monica Belluci or Cameron Diaz- applauded for their graceful aging and celebrated for their skills and discipline as much as their sleek waistlines.

A strong slender waist can convey femininity through its youthful shape, appealing proportion and impression of muscular strength and positive health and metabolism.
While other body parts are celebrated and flaunted by fashion publications and stylish sets, I feel that one of the most elegantly feminine assets a woman can care for is her waist.


This therefore is a pursuit to be explored further – the celebration of the waist and the idealisation of a feminine silhouette. It’s certainly not an adventure suitable or enticing to everyone, but it is one I am quite keen to keep in mind over the year ahead as I refine my personal style to reflect my own fashion forays into dramatic hourglass shapes and Victorian inspirations.

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