My New Years Style – Pearls, Maxi Skirts, V Necks – Vintage & Victorian Vogue!

Happy New Years my dears!! ❤ ❤ ❤
I hope that you’ve all had the most blessed and beautiful holiday season – can you believe that a brand new year is with us already? Well I’ve prepared a few resolutions and style goals for the year ahead and here are some of the inspirations behind them :

– Wear pearls more often : a touch of elegance and divinity lives in pearls! J’adore! More Victorian Vogue too. 
– Explore languages : Cantonese, Mandarin and French would be nice! 
– Be strong : Physically, mentally and emotionally. Always room to improve! 
– Sing : Loudly, often. And learn the words too!

– Pearls, pearls, more pearls.
– V neck tops and leotards. Décolletage!
– Full and flowing maxi skirts a la Victorian Vogue.
And of course hats and fabulously pin curled hair whenever possible!

Style words for the new year : 
Fabulous, Fierce, Elegant, Streamlined. Vintage / Victorian Vogue!

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Fabulously eccentric actress, TV host, curvaceous model and founder of Hong Kong ’s first luxury corset brand, Pearls & Arsenic.
 I love sharing my passion for all things elegant, beautiful & inspiring. My Dearest Beloved and I live with a fluffy Angora rabbit named Lord Pemberly III, who is a ridiculous snob, and his dwarf-lop bunny brother, The Earl of Tillington.  Find me on IG @RavenTao or FB : Raven Tao ❤

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