Stop Hit II: My First Martial Arts Film

Filming my first martial arts feature film at the same temple where Bruce Lee filmed Enter The Dragon was truly an epic start to my kung fu adventures. Directed by Dr. Z for his second instalment of The Stop Hit, we filmed on location at Tsing Shan Monastery in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong. For all who are interested, I’ve posted a few behind the scenes photos that I hope convey a glimpse of the ancient magic in the oldest temple in Hong Kong – founded by Reverend Pui To 1500 years ago and rebuilt in 1926.IMG_9552Deciding that my character would wear and fight in heels and a corset (of course), I was thrown into a world of pleasure and pain where teamwork and trust shone paramount throughout days of flying fists and kicks. Surrounded by a stellar crew of martial artists, stunt actors and trained fighters, the days flew in a flurry of scenes that aim to honour the tradition of Bruce Lee’s legacy of martial arts in Hong Kong film.

Blessed was I to have my two fights with two truly excellent, kind and patient men whom I trust implicitly- actor/martial artist Nick English, and stunt expert/actor Craig Miller – both of whom I strongly recommend keeping an eye out for in theatres. Eventually my finale fight with Nick English blossomed into a devastating duet with stunning actress Ines Laimins under the steady guidance of martial arts legend and leading actor Chen Kuan-Tai, who graciously lent his expertise to our action sequencing.

I definitely learnt three important things from this first martial arts film role.
1. Martial arts are awesome (and addictive).
2. I have ZERO martial arts skills right now, and really need to develop some!
3. What a difference a great team makes to a project.

With budget and time constraints pushing at us from every angle, other team members and I stepped up to hold up production scheduling, casting, choreography and rehearsals. Seeing almost everyone assisting and supporting all the other actors and performances was truly heartwarming and really made an impact on my heart and mind.

Left – Right : Nick English, Chen Kuan-Tai, Raven Tao, Craig Miller, Dr. Z

Being around such willingness to share knowledge and support others, working together to create something that has the potential to move and inspire audiences, and taking part in something that is so deeply rooted in historical art forms…
The experience was exactly the impetus needed as I emerge from this years battle with all my food intolerances to get back to work next year.

Perhaps I’m being naively romantic, but I feel that is part of the true power of martial arts films – the power to motivate people to recreate the beauty of martial arts themselves, and in the process further strengthen their bodies, their minds, and their worlds.
I am definitely looking forward to doing much more work in this genre in the future.

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Note Bene – For all actors and crew involved in this project, please feel free to take / share any of these images on your social media with tags #StopHit2 and @RavenTao – a pleasure to work with you all! Again soon my dears. 🙂 Thank you to all who sent in photos for sharing here!

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