Corsets For Beginners – Corset Tutorial Videos – Lacing, Buying, Vocab, Beginners Series & Some Of My Preferences

For all of my dear corset lovers, I thought I’d create an easy post with some of my corset video tutorials in one place.
I do plan to expand on these tutorials, which are mostly for beginners to corseting, and create more useful videos on my Pearls & Arsenic corsetry channel over the months ahead.
I do apologise for my lack of videos and have only the excuse that I was rather side-swiped by my sudden attack of food intolerances and it’s taken me quite a few months to find my health footing again, physically recover from much of the body swelling and weight gain that occurred, and get back to my love of wearing corsets.

I’ve created a Corsets For Beginners series that has a few articles on helpful tips and directions for newbies to corseting, including
my video introduction to corsets, some of the best starter corsets, a beginners list of corset brands and a humorous post titled Corsets With Raven – Can You Breathe?

I’ve also been expanding my exciting Meet The Corsetieres interview section for intermediate corseters who are interested to know more about the artisans creating their corsets.

Corsets With Raven : Part 1 – Introduction To Corsets (Basics of a Corset)
This is one of a five part series that I’ve yet to complete.

Corset Lacing – Satin Laces vs. Shoestring Laces
This video covers why I prefer shoestring laces for tightlacing and daily corset wear over the prettier looking option of satin laces.

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