Conquering My Food Sensitivities Using Replacement Strategy

It’s been a few months since I figured out my carb/sugar/gluten sensitivities were causing all of my ailments of flu-like symptoms, body/ face swelling, pervasive cough, excessive tiredness, bad sleep, grumpiness, irritability, self doubt and feelings of depression. As I’ve mentioned before in my post about the experience, it was quite a surprise to find out that all of my symptoms were caused not by the single culprit of sugar OR gluten, but by a greater overall issue of those and carbohydrates in general, and putting it as simply as possible – just ingesting too much food for my body.

With my sensitivities already existing, I expect that the amounts of food I was gobbling out of boredom and self-sabotage were too much for my poor little organs to handle. However, after a rather agonising week-long detox experience and helpful kinesiology session to steer me away from my carb habits, I emerged in the clear, ready to tackle the beast of my bad habits in as slow and stealthy a way as possible.
And so I have been doing exactly that for the past few months. As slowwwwwly as possible. I allow myself to eat carbs when I like, but really bait myself with my favourite tempting healthy treats that I feel are indulgences too, and allow my body to feel like its indulging while sneakily weaning it off and away from processed additives.

An example is caesar salad, which I love, and have been having every day with extra sauce and eggs and anchovies. I simply don’t bother thinking of the calories of the sauce or eggs etc, because eating a salad both gets me my greens and is better than the bowl of carbs I would have had instead. One day I’ll want to consider having less sauce or darker greens or no dinners at all, but today is not that day. Today is for getting me to fall in love with any healthier food options to replace less healthy options. So that’s how my replacement strategy works. One day at a time.

Give me SUGAR!!!!

As another example, I was eating chocolate chex with milk before I became ill. Then I painfully detoxed from carbs, but still craved milk. So to sidestep my crazy addicted milk cravings, I went to a health shop and bought a Rawnola with cacao nibs in it, and ate that with lots of milk. Over the next few weeks I changed the milk to soy milk and started putting it or lactose-free kefir in my Rawnola. This gave my body the feeling of having dairy, without the high sugar content of the milk.
Then another few weeks and I slowly weaned onto sugar free soy milk, still using Kefir in the Rawnola.
And then off soy milk, with just the Kefir Rawnola, with more fruits.

Kicking food sensitivity butt, YEAH.

Now I am weaning down the portions of Rawnola and increasing my fruit intake, because my body has always really liked fruits and exhibits pretty happy behaviour when I have a lot of it, such as clear skin, weight loss, lowered appetite and steadier energy through the day.

I feel so much better!

So that’s the process so far, and it’s been applied to other food areas as well, with positive results. All of this has been VERY slow… gradually over three months– because I’ve realised that trying to force weight loss was making me gain so much weight. There have been no sudden rules or regulations implemented at any time. Just a slow effort towards small changes every day.

What’s interesting to me has been the change in taste and revealing of reactions to foods.

I guess I don’t like this taste anymore?

I eat brownies sometimes, and have discovered that brown sugar doesn’t give me the eye swelling and headache that processed sugar does. I can have gluten free brownies and feel find after eating them, but I’ve discovered that when I have a lot of indulgent carb (cake / brownie etc) I really crave eating more… more carb, more whatever. It somehow makes me pretty ravenous, even if I’ve just had a whole meal. So that’s interesting. I don’t know if it’s the carb or the sugar that causes the brain to trigger over into ‘eat more! eat more!’ but it feels as if I’m craving something and am not satiated.
14nyhxxlvz3wluAlso very interesting to me was the reaction of my body after an evening of gluten free brownies. Admittedly I totally pigged out, but didn’t get a headache, which was interesting. I did however the next day wake up dead tired and full of doubts. Doubts about my career and lack of will power and making no progress and blah blah blah.

Sugar stole my certainty.

I know this is supposedly a ‘normal’ thing to experience, but now that I’ve gone through my detox, I’m starting to wonder how normal it actually is? Because this time I consciously KNEW there was nothing realistically to doubt, so was able to see these weird little doubts running around in my brain like silly little mice and I became aware that they were absolutely a foreign product of the sugar I had ingested.
l0hl9qmdvthjc1How exactly I know that, I cannot explain – probably by process of elimination. And also given that on the days that I don’t have a sugar binge or eat carbs the day before, I wake up feeling outrageously light, optimistic, clear minded and motivated.
So it’s a very marked difference these days. A little like drinking too much alcohol one night, and then noticing a nasty hangover the next day? A coincidence, I think not…
I’m thoroughly happy to be able to now tell the effects that certain foods have on me and be on my way towards an ever clearer mind and healthier body, one day at a time.

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