Why acting is tougher than I anticipated… 

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When I recently decided to actively pursue acting, I was prepared for the scripts, rehearsals, hours, difficulties and challenges as well as all the fun of being involved in the creative process of filming.
What I was to realise is just how fit actors need to be in order to sustain the long hours and physical demands of active roles.

I think I love her.

With my mid-year health issues behind me and eating habits improved but not perfect, my strength has returned and I’m no longer plagued by the incessant minor maladies that previously exhausted me. It’s been such a relief!

However, this has left me at a lower level of fitness than ever, so I have to build my strength up from a rather uncomfortable starting point.

Uncomfortably lazy, that is.

As far as I can tell from my recent kung fu audition filming, my fitness level needs to be much, much higher in order to sustain filming the types of action roles I’d love to audition for in the future.

A recent audition alone took over five hours to film on location, not including editing and additional ADR sound recording or the choreography and rehearsing, which was done on separate dates.

That’s pretty much the equivalent of five hours of light kickboxing on a summer rooftop in high heat and humidity. Definitely a physical challenge, though a very rewarding one.

As is pretty evident in the photos, my fighting form is pretty much non existent, so that’s also something to work on.

Fortunately I think that kung fu and martial arts are incredibly fascinating and am very interested to discover more about the history and beauty of this wonderful discipline.

Now, whether I myself have the daily discipline for it is quite another matter! Its’s an area I wish to improve in and I’m sure I shall have to in order to achieve my goals and enjoy my adventures in film in the year ahead.

Better learn how to use that bag…

More updates on that soon, and I’ll be sure to write about how my first kung fu feature film role filming goes. Wish me luck!

Just hanging around on set for another film.

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