Interview With Elizabeth Moody of Moody Corsetry

MEET THE CORSETIERES – Elizabeth Moody of Moody Corsetry!

Name : Elizabeth Moody
Corset Brand : Moody Corsetry
Role : Founder, Owner, Designer, Manufacturer, Dogsbody
Country where you’re based : UK

How and when did you become interested in corsets?
I’ve always been fascinated with period clothing. My mother has a substantial collection of period clothing dating from mid 1800’s up to the 60’s. She used to give talks and hold fashion shows. I used to love helping her sort out the gowns and (when I was slim enough) model for her. As an extension of that I’ve loved corsets for as long as I can remember really.

What made you think of creating / designing corsets?
I was introduced to making my own corsets when I friend of mine (an avid and accomplished period sewer) suggested I have we have a go at making our own and I started with the Silverado corset pattern. It was a mess but from there I became obsessed, spent hours trawling the internet for tutorials and tips. I remade the corset again once I’d educated myself a bit and then decided to have a bash at designing my own.

How long have you been making / designing corsets?
I made my first corset from the Silverado corset pattern in 2010. I drafted my first pattern in 2011.

Where do you get your inspiration from for corsets?
All over the place, but I think I am heavily influenced by period clothing, nature and artistic movements. Alot of my designs have a very organic feel.

What was your first memory of corsets?
My first memory of “corsets” (using the term loosely) was my mother demonstrating how a mid Victorian lady would get dressed. However the corset used for the demonstration was little more than a belt with lacing as it had no bones and was not historically correct, but it gave the right impression!

What was your first experience wearing a corset?
Again, using the term corset loosely, probably a beige satin, plastic boned “corset” I bought from H&M when I was about 15. My first experience of wearing a “proper” corset would not be until I was in my early 20’s, trying on a friends.

What was your first/favourite corset like?
So the first corset I ever made was for a Moulin Rouge themed 30th birthday party. I decided I wanted to be a peacock (as you do). The Corset was double layered black herribone coutil with fashion fabric of peacock blue and green silk dupion with had beaded peacock feathers on the front. It didn’t fit my bust, didn’t draw me in enough in the middle, and the inside was a complete mess, but other than that it looked alright!

How are your corset tastes different now to what they were then?
Generally my technique has improved 10 fold, and I am MUCH more focused on fit. I spend a good deal of time drafting, redrafting, fitting, refitting and obsessing over getting the fit as perfect as possible. I also don’t generally go with such garish colour schemes unless requested by my clients. I am still slightly obsessed with beading though!

Do you still wear corsets?

How often do you wear corsets if so?
Not as often as I’d like, but now I have a little girl I don’t get the chance.
Are there any issues you face when wearing corsets?
For me personally, yes its the fit. Fitting corsets onto yourself is almost completely impossible, and since having my little one my body has become a lot more complicated than it used to be!

Do you have any tips for putting on your corset?
Loosen the lacing so you can do up the busk without putting tension on the corset. Lace it until comfortable. Wear it for a bit, and then relace a little tighter. Waking a corset on and lacking it up to the max right off is no good for you or your corset.

What kind/shape/era of corsets do you prefer?
I really don’t have a preference. I think they’re all fantastic! I love the heavily boned flat fronts of stays, I love the cording and flossing of Victorian corsets and I love the sweeping seams and shaping of Edwardian. What I really love to do is mash them all up together!

Do you have any other preferences in your corsets?
It’s gotta fit. If it doesn’t fit I go a bit nuts.

What 3 tips would you give to corset newbies?
Do buy the best quality fabric you can afford.
Do read online blogs and watch youtube videos. They are so very very helpful.
Don’t be scared. You might not get it right the first time but learning from your mistakes is the best way to learn.

Do you have any favourite fellow corsetieres?
Oh gosh tons.
I absolutely love the design and shaping by Morua Corsetry & Couture.
Embellishment Queen has to be Sparklewren.
Fabric dying techniques its Magpie & Fox.
Mixing of modern fabrics and techniques with period design its Narrowed Visions.

And now for the random Q’s! 🙂
Any pets? What’s their silliest quirk if so?
Yes I have two cats. Fabian and Panda.
Fabian is the most unsociable creature you’ll ever meet. He hates humanity.
Panda (black and white funnily enough) is very fluffy, squeeks rather than meows and loves a belly rub. She also dribbles when she’s happy.

Favourite quotes? Books? Movies?
Favourite Book is Green Darkness by Anya Seaton. It’s not in print anymore but if you can get a copy i’d suggest reading it. I also love all of the Shardlake seriese by CJ Samson. Movies, gosh! Anything in period costume! Haha!

Other passions or hobbies?
Cake, I love cake! Eating it, baking it. Love the stuff!

Favourite things right now?
Cake! Strictly Come Dancing, the colour Grey, and Gel mannicures.

Name Elizabeth Moody / Moody Corsetry
Instagram @moodycorsetry
etsy / other online store?

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