How Food Sensitivity Made Me Sick, My Symptoms, Painful Detox, And Change To Healthier Eating

Food fail. My life.

Food sensitivities are not a new issue in my life. But they suddenly leapt into overdrive earlier this year and kicked me hard. My symptoms ranged from sniffles, aches, constant tiredness, hacking cough, running nose, flu like symptoms, weight gain, whole body puffiness (I wasn’t able to wear my corset for a few months, I was that puffed up), inability to lose weight, puffy eyelids, intermittent anxiety and some depression, and generally being sicker than a normal person should be. When the cough had hacked on for over a month my Dearest Beloved sternly brushed aside my reedy excuses and sent me to get a full body workup at the doctors, which thankfully returned all clear but left me in the same position as when I’d started. I was constantly sick. And I wasn’t sure quite why.
I’d been exploring and battling with a variety of thoughts on the topic for quite a while now – I thought I might have sugar sensitivity, and might have a little gluten sensitivity too, since I could get tired and extremely irritable within twenty minutes of having a bowl of pasta.

However, after the positive results of kinesiology caused me to eat less carbohydrate and suddenly go into carb detox for a full week – complete with epic migraines that screamed so hard I couldn’t eat or leave the house, and spent two days trying to juggle vomiting nothing and sleeping through the agony before emerging weak and pathetic but ‘clean’ for the first time in ages – I realised with a shock that my food issues were more extensive than I had suspected.

Essentially, my body wants me to eat less. And not only less of all foods, but less in an extremely healthy way. I.E. Whole foods, raw foods, small portions.
Which sounds easy peasy but in real life can be difficult to implement if the body is used to craving chemicals. Also I find that if I eat something crapy, I have immediate strong cravings for more crappy food. Which I find quite odd and annoying. So I wanted to write this just in case there’s anyone else out there who isn’t a perfect superhuman when it comes to making healthy lifestyle changes. I’m doing it slowly and gently, and I’m feeling some of the positive results. So I’m happy to take it easy and not be hard on myself because I’m bored of that option and it didn’t get any results for me. If I eat something healthy for lunch and then have a heavenly Du Sucre brownie, then YAAAY! I ate something healthy. I try to focus on the good.

Think happy thoughts la la la…

Currently the list of things that my incredibly boring (but wonderful in other ways) body doesn’t like is as follows :

  • Pepper
  • Onions
  • Deep fried oils
  • Processed sugars
  • Gluten
  • Carbohydrates

While this seems like a short list, it’s a lifestyle change for me because I’ve been used to eating what I like, and what my body seemed to crave was dairy, sugars and carbs all the time. Which might explain why it suddenly went kaput. But since I’m not much of a meat eater, cutting out carbs and sugars doesn’t leave me with a whole lot of options.
So I’m suddenly a (somewhat) normal person who’s considered Paleo as a short term diet with cheat days, but is now having to consider a raw-paleo lifestyle as a way of life.

Cheat days…

This is a good thing, but old habits die hard and having to do it out of necessity rather than choice, makes me stubbornly grumble and regress a bit. So I’m taking it very slowly, tracking my weight loss on a corseting diary on youtube, and allowing myself to spend the 4-12 weeks to slowly introduce new habits and wean off old ones, but introducing things that I will really enjoy eating in the future, like Cacao Nibs, Avocados, Bananas and Sun Dried Tomatoes. Things that feel quite rich and indulgent but are body-happy.

As you can probably tell from my chocolate reviewing section of this blog, I love chocolate more than any other food, and it’s very comforting to me. Therefore giving my body lots of healthy chocolatey options distracts it from the fact that it can’t gobble other junk. This gets my body eating healthier foods while allowing it to indulge in its favourite treat. And over the weeks ahead I’m sure it will get used to – and start craving – the healthy foods instead. So far I can tell there is improvement already.

I know that all of this takes time, and I am willing to give my body the time that it needs. I now have much more information than when I first started, when I was trying to dive straight into diets that work for other people but caused me to rebound with binge eating and weight gain. So far it’s been going well, my weight is starting to drop and all of my other symptoms have virtually vanished, and I’m now able to notice that when I eat less nutritionally dense foods my body wants to continue eating other stuff, so that’s a good indicator of when I am eating the right foods. For example, when I eat the GO NUTS chocolate covered raw nut blends, my belly goes flat and I naturally stop eating after a handful of pieces. However when I and naughty and eat noodles, I crave more food until I eat something healthy like my Red Rawnola or a banana and then the food cravings stop.

I admit it will take me months or longer to get my body weaned off carbs as a habit and onto vegetables. I know I’ll see this in my physique, which is nice because I’m looking forward to getting back to work.
It’s my habit to try and see the positives in all experiences, so while this has all been quite a frustrating challenge, I’ve truly appreciated the hidden blessings of this food issue – being that I have been able to spend more time with my Best Beloved, as well as on my writing both here on and on my book Curves Like These, and on filming my youtube waist training weight loss  & beginners corseting series which I hope might be helpful / useful to someone out there.

Also it’s allowed me to develop some grounding in my food habits and really give them a good chance to take hold. And for as much as I am imperfect in my discipline, I determinedly plod on with my progress – slow and steady – and so far I’m really loving the results. I suppose we shall see more of them as the months progress with my weight loss video on youtube and other updates.

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