Best Corset Brands For Bigger Hips & Big Curves

I just wanted to write a quick post on recommended corsets for bigger hips/boobs/smaller waists. I’ll had to add some of my own photos later once my weight settles a little, since I’m still losing weight from my food related health issues earlier this year.

Restyle.Pl ‘Brocade Underbust’ / What Katie Did ‘Vamp’ / Isabella Corsetry ‘Petite Josephine’

I’m happy to receive any suggestions for other brands or designers, since I’m 36-22-36 corset size with broad ribs so don’t have the experience that those with a much larger reduction than mine will face.

So far I know that Restyle.Pl and What Katie Did have very good wider hipped off the rack styles. Isabella Corsetry  also has a beautiful hip spring, and I will probably wear my Isabella Corsetry Josephine in one of my five youtube ‘Corsets With Raven’ corsets & waist training series for beginners, or my weight loss and corseting video diary.

I like my Restyle.Pl brocade underbust and find that it gives a beautiful curve even when I’m not lacing down much. It’s the cheapest of the three at €43,49 (approx US$48.78 at present Ex.Rate)

My What Katie Did ‘Vamp’ underbust gives an incredible curve and is only suitable for those with either bigger hips or a larger waist reduction, otherwise the hip fabric will stick out at the sides. It gives a very dramatic look on me, but is quite pricey at £159.50 (approx US$241.83 at present Ex.Rate)

Isabella Corsetry’s ‘Petite Josephine’ has good hip spring and I love this brand because it’s perfect for my evenly balanced proportions, but it’s not necessarily the best for a very big waist reduction or wide hip allowance and the two brands above may be more appropriate for those with 18″waist – 37″hip, for example. I do love my Josephine and wear it often. It’s nicely priced at US$145, making it a good mid range option.

For custom designs, talented teen designer corset superstar Mitchell Carr does incredible curvy custom design corsets and has a real talent for extreme curves. I shall definitely be ordering a corset from him one day, hopefully while he’s still in his teens, and I shall definitely be getting him to autograph it inside (or outside!) because I can forsee a formidable career in design for this productive young man.

In summary, there are some good brands available for big off the rack curves and a strong hip spring with bigger hips. It’s just about doing the research, probably watching a lot of Lucy Corsetry’s youtube videos, and confirming what body type and measurements you most likely are.

There’s nothing to beat a lovely well fitted custom corset if your measurements are more extreme, and I shall be sure to update with other corsetieres as I interview more artisans for my Meet The Corsetieres series.
I’ll keep an eye out for corsetieres that may have strength in this area at decent beginner prices, because while the more established corsetieres will likely be able create whatever shape needed, the prices will reflect their experience and if you’re reading this it may be better to figure out exactly what you need before committing to a custom design.

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