Valrhona Blond Dulcy 32% Cacao White Chocolate

R’s Rating : 3/5 ☆☆☆ : GOOD (Poor / GOOD / Excellent) 


The Blond Dulcy Chocolate is a creamy white toasty toffee tinted white chocolate with subtle caramel overtones. Able to be broken into varying shaped pieces via the angled grooves carved into the embossed face of the slab, the taste is fine without being too milky although it leaves a slightly sugary aftertaste on the tongue.

Valrhona is up there in the top of my list of chocolate brands to note. Their smooth chocolates come in a variety of flavours and combinations and they’re able to be found at varying locations around Hong Kong.

IMG_5569Their darker chocolate choices are my preferred ones, but I’m glad to have sampled this Blond Dulcy, which is one of the lightest chocolates they offer.

I’d recommend it to anyone who likes milk and caramel or toffee chocolate, blended together in a beautifully subtle and sophisticated way.

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