Oddies Foodies – Night Wolf & Brownie Chocolate Chip Eggette

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We had to try the chocolate novelty offerings of Oddies Foodies – specifically the Night Wolf, described as such : Italian low fat twist soft gelato, served with butter crumbs, caramelised ice cream, passionfruit panna cotta, brownie and chocolate chip eggettes, and sprinkled with crunchy flakes.

I opted for the Brownie Chocolate Chip Eggette, which I’m familiar with as ‘gai daan jail’ in Cantonese, a favourite traditional treat of mine. Usually it’s made with plain pancake batter and has a lovely crisp outer shell with gently soft pancake inside.

Oddies Foodies offering is made to the highest standard of eggette perfection, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves this traditional treat. While it took my taste buds a little while to get used to the addition of brownie chocolate chips, I rather liked it by the end, although it was definitely a heavier and richer version than the original but a legion lighter than the Night Wolf.

However, I may be more of a traditionalist with certain things, and personally prefer the plain version of eggettes, which I would buy from here in future because the quality is as perfectly crisp and fluffy as it should be.

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The Night Wolf was made with rich soft gelato and a multitude of flavours beneath which I didn’t get to. Definitely a treat for food adventurers, this lovely little shop has a high novelty factor and is sure to delight anyone who loves a tastebud adventure.

While I think highly of the adventurous nature of these brilliant offerings, which definitely bring a smile to the lips, I felt that one visit was enough for me, although I would return for the plain eggettes in the future if I’m in the area. Therefore my chocolate review rating is not as high as I imagine a foodies rating may be.

However I do applaud the creator of these neat treats because they are a pairing of a myriad traditional and modern flavours that will delight all ages – a veritable Disneyland of a dessert that I would strongly recommend is a must try for anyone who wants a little fun in their day.

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