Du Sucre Bakery’s Valrhona & 63% Amadei Chocolate Brownie And A Red Velvet Chocolate Pop!

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This may be one of the worlds best brownies. Let it be said that I wrote it first (unless someone else has already written it- then let it be said that I confirm they are right). I have no idea how it is possible to bake a brownie this fluffy, given that most brownie offerings are lamentable pieces of flab, rock solid bricks, or weird wobbly concoctions that are extreme in some way (extremely dry/rich/dense/crumbly/sweet/awful etc).

Bad brownies are a chocolate pet peeve of mine, because they’re just such lovely simple joys and I wish that ordering a deliciously chocolatey brownie wasn’t so hit and miss an experience.
There are few truly reliably delightful brownies around these days, and I’m thrilled to be able to announce that Du Sucre appear to have found the holy grail of brownie-ness and now sprinkle its magic into their confections for our appreciation and enjoyment.

The flavour of this must-try brownie is rich but not bitter, with the Valrhona and 63% Amadei chocolate blending into a beautiful balance of deep and sweet coco layers that merge both the extraordinary flavours of Du Sucre’s milk chocolate brownie with the solid warmth of darker chocolate. Perfection!

This brownie tastes dreamily home baked (if your family were all master  bakers, of course) and would be a divine dessert to share.
A light and airy treat, it would be a big hit with anyone who’s a fan of chocolate or brownies. And yup, I’m going to say it. You’d gain epic brownie points for delivering it to them.

And now for my thoughts on the chocolate dipped red velvet pop!

Creamy smooth deep and velvety this chocolate topped red velvet pop is moist and dense in that fluffy way that Du Sucre does so well.
My Dearest Beloved noted caramel overtones, and I noted the rich fragrant aroma of the 63% Amadei chocolate seeping through the overall flavour to give a light sweet coco tone to the pop.
I do prefer this chocolate pop combo to traditional red velvet because I find the chocolate and cake seem to dance on the tastebuds, whereas the traditional red velvet cream cheese topped flavours seem to fight for attention in my mouth. Perhaps this is part of their appeal, but I prefer the ballet of this bitter buttery chocolate pop myself.

A parting word of advice on the chocolate pops –
Do not order a hundred of these for a party. They WILL all get eaten. And you will become ridiculously in demand as a party host. And really, who has the time to be that popular?

To schedule a cake consultation, enquire about workshops or discuss your next creative project, contact us at info@dusucrebakery.com or ring us at +852 2522 4018

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Website : http://www.dusucrebakery.com

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