Paleo Coconut Brownie & Cacao Nib Red Rawnola from Anything But Salads

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The Red Rawnola from SpiceBox Organics is a current favourite chocolatey breakfast option of mine. While the cacao nibs are my own addition, the Rawnola itself is a delicious vegan paleo gluten free granola with goji berries and other superfoods. Combined with the cacao nibs it makes a perfectly chocolatey energising treat for any time of the day, much like their GONE NUTS chocolate nut blends, and during these months of my return to health it’s a godsend because it tastes like an indulgently comforting treat as I adjust my eating options to include more raw and whole foods.

SpiceBox Organics also bakes some lovely gluten free and raw ingredient treats including carrot cupcakes and a chocolate paleo brownie that I simply had to try.

As you can see this is a delicious looking brownie with creamy chocolate topping that looks like a scrumptious normal brownie despite being paleo, and the flavour is soft moist and strongly coconut. While the creamy chocolate topping passes as a smooth sweet almost milk chocolate icing, the coconut flavour in the brownie itself so overpowers the taste of the chocolate that this would definitely be better displayed as a coconut paleo brownie and is ideal for anyone who loves coconut flavours. There’s so much coconut flake that it catches in the throat for minutes after eating.

Otherwise beautiful in consistency, it melts like a smooth soft normal brownie would – in fact if it were a normal brownie it would be utter perfection in consistency.


I wish I could give this wonderfully made brownie a higher commendation because it really was very moist and succulent in flavour, but the overwhelming coconut was just too strong for me to give it a high chocolate rating. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who likes coconut chocolate combinations.
However,  if it were a lot more chocolatey and less coconutty I would definitely eat many more of these in future since the denseness, healthy raw ingredients and consistency make it feel like a naughty treat without the naughtiness. Which I like the idea of very much indeed.

137 Caine Road, Mid Levels HK.
Store Timing: Monday to Saturday 10 am-8 pm; Sunday 12pm-6 pm

72 Third Street, G/F Shop K, Fook Moon Building,
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2568 2728

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