My Experience With Corset Marks On The Skin – With Corset Mark Examples

It’s natural for corsets to leave marks on the skin after wearing. I’ve posted before about how I wear my mesh corsets next to the skin, but I thought it would be helpful to include some other photos of my skin after wearing different corsets for different lengths of time at different reductions.

Personally I find that I have more red marks on my skin if the weather is hotter and I’ve been walking or moving around a lot. Otherwise the marks are obvious and raised but of a pinkish colour that fades quite quickly, depending on the mood of my body on the day – which is an important topic that I cover in another post.

I don’t really think about the marks much since they don’t bother me and fade away quite quickly. The time it takes for them to go away can vary depending on the temperature, reduction, activities done, meals and of course hydration which is very important. I am always well hydrated and don’t really drink coffee or alcohol so my skin is pretty bouncy most of the time and recovers fairly speedily. (In Sample 1 the marks were almost completely gone in under an hour.)

While I’m not a medical expert of any sort, I would not expect to ever have any pain, numbness, purple or blue marks or anything like a bruise from corseting. Sometimes there can be a little hip numbness from lacing the corset too tightly on the hips, and I immediately loosen the corset if I notice this occur.
While I enjoy tightlacing, I only ever do what my body is completely comfortable with, and I never experience any discomfort. On a day that my body is not in the mood to corset, I respect it and I allow it to breathe until it is ready to get back to gently corseting  again. Perhaps this is why I am able to enjoy my corseting for long hours, in different situations and through multiple meals and activities. I never sleep in a corset. I am never uncomfortable and I never wish to be. I season my corsets well before wearing them for longer hours, and I am patient with the time they take to season (6weeks on average).

Mesh corsets sometimes leave more marks on my skin than regular corsets, due to the round net shape of the fabric and given that I wear my corsets next to the skin instead of with a corset liner. During the first two weeks that I was wearing my mesh waspies in the heat of summer, I found my skin getting quite tingly and itchy once I removed the corset. However this would pass with a bit of rubbing, and I no longer get this feeling. However, I shall try and see if it occurs again as I document photos of my corset marks with different corsets and reductions. I’m interested to see if I have different reactions as my waist measurement decreases with my weight loss.

When I take my corsets off I have a habit of rubbing skin where it was corseted. I have no particular reason for doing this – it’s just something I am in the habit of doing, and I have no idea if there are any benefits to it, but I feel like perhaps it might encourage the blood flow a little? Rubbing some lotion is soothing and definitely something I’d do if expecting to lose a little weight from corseting.

Pearls & Arsenic summer mesh VENUS overbust sample worn 12hrs, approx 29 degrees & humid. Approx 3″ gentle reduction. No unloosing the corset through lunch or subsequent afternoon event or dinner.

Isabella Corsetry ‘Josephine’ overbust worn 4hrs, approx 29 degrees & humid.
Approx 3″ gentle reduction. No unloosing the corset through lunch.

Pearls & Arsenic ‘EMMA’ overbust worn 7hrs, approx 26 degrees & humid.
Gentle reduction. No unloosing the corset through evening movie.

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