Meet The Corsetieres – Interviews With The Corset Makers

Legendary corsetiere Mr. Pearl has brought corsets to the eyes of the fashion world with his exquisite creations for Kylie Minogue and burlesque queen Dita von Teese. His creations are breathtaking, and his reputation and covetable aura of mystery only increased by his total lack of social media connectivity. He is one of many talented artisans who craft beautiful corsetry creations for attire.

There are many other brilliant corset creators around the world, drawn by the allure of this centuries old garment and now connected by the wonderful reviews of Lucy’s Corsetry and the admirable efforts of Sew Curvy Corsetry, Crikey Aphrodite!, Morua Designs and PopAntique, who organise the Oxford Conference of Corsetry, which I’m very excited to attend one year.
(Hopefully next, if I can get my body fighting fit to return to work. That, the Glynebourne opera festival and the Jane Austen Festival are on my must-do list, and fortunately they are quite close together in date so it may may be possible to attend them in succession. We shall see! I shall be sure to post all about my experiences whatever the case.)

Here I hope you will find out a little more about the corsetieres you love, and others that you will come to love in the future. I hope you enjoy this little list as much as I have enjoyed connecting with these truly remarkable artists. I shall update it whenever I have new interviews. Please forgive that this is a new list at present – I shall work on developing it over the months ahead, and according to the corsetieres busy schedules!

If you know of fabulous corsetieres that I have not yet interviewed who should be on this list, or you are one yourself, please do let me know in the comments below!


  • Katrina Mior of Totally Waisted!
  • Elizabeth Moody of Moody Corsetry
  • Gerry Quentin of Morua Designs (and OCOC) (in progress)
  • Alison Campbell of Crikey Aphrodite (and OCOC) (in progress)
  • Lowana O’Shea of Vanyanis (in progress)
  • Lucy of Lucy’s Corsetry (in progress)
  • Angela Friedman (in progress)
  • Issy Townley of Fiorella (in progress)
  • Mollie Blue Falkingham of Mollie Blue (in progress)
  • Julianne of RetroFolie (in progress)
  • Margo of Wild Poppies Corsets (in progress)
  • Misty of MistyCouture (in progress)

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