Raven’s Pearls & Arsenic Corsetry Interview in Apple Daily HK

How terribly exciting! My interview with one of Hong Kong’s most widely read newspapers is now out online, with a fun little video too! Covering a history of corsets and how people can wear them in their daily lives, I’m thrilled that this was such an interestingly presented showcase of corsets, since they’re not so widely known about or understood here in Asia.

Admittedly it is a little unfortunate that the interview was conducted just at the end of the few months that I was unwell and swollen from food reactions, leaving my figure less than ideal for corset modelling. However, this doesn’t worry me so much since I’m slowly improving, getting back to corseting now that my gorgeous mesh overbust samples have arrived, and aim to make some corset tutorial videos later this year once my sewing /filming room is set up. (Currently it’s a giant mess and looks like an enormous clothes jellyfish has decided to ungraciously explode over half the room.)

I’m sorry that I don’t have an english translation of the article, but hopefully you can get a rough idea from the video, which has some fun animations.

Here’s the link to the full article :

And it’s definitely a month for corseting, despite my bothersome food relapsing which puffs my belly out and sets my health improvement back weeks. (See : my silly Vine video below).

But my TINA corset is in her fabulous new home, my gorgeous new mesh overbust final samples on the way, and a Lucy’s Corsetry unboxing and wonderful review of Pearls & Arsenic’s first giveaway corset – a gradient crystalled red underbust – full article (coming soon) HERE.

Already I’m thinking of the next giveaways because I’m just so excited to share these fabulous corsets with the world. Perhaps I shall giveaway an EMMA overbust for winter and a VENUS mesh overbust for spring… I like this idea because the EMMA overbust is so versatile and the VENUS mesh overbust so comfortable for stealthing all day.
I guess we shall see!

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  1. Really excited about all the information you’ve put out about corsets in the last couple of days! The one you sent to Lucy’s Corsetry was lovely. I’m in the process of designing my first round of costumes for the 2016 burlesque festival season, and we definitely need to talk! I owe you snail mail soon, too.

    Lady Grey

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