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First Pearls & Arsenic giveaway corset!

For the first giveaway I wanted to create a corset that wasn’t too scary, which anyone could wear comfortably. As I’m sure you can tell by now, I do love more subtly dramatic styles but understand they’re not for everyone, and it was with this in mind that I merged a hint of drama with a flash of colour in a pretty red underbust corset that could be worn over or under clothing.

The wonderful thing about this corset is that I specifically created it to appear more subtle in the daytime, with the colour of the tiny gradient crystals almost hiding in the boldness of the red fabric.
However, come darkness the Swarovski crystals flash with fire and this underbust comes alive with the shimmer of glowing embers.

As I mentioned in my post about my interview in one of Hong Kong’s most widely read newspapers, I think I have my next two giveaway corsets in mind already.
I’m biased towards overbusts because I’m such an overbust lover myself – I wear them stealth all day and am so happy not having to wear a bra or have the back muffin flab that can occur with underbusts. But that’s obviously a personal preference.
Underbusts are most definitely easier to start with, and many people prefer them for daily training as they’re easy to take off if desired.
Lets see what the reception is for this lovely little red one is first…

REVIEW coming soon! 🙂

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