My Obsession With Angela Friedman Corsets

An unhealthy obsession, you might say? Yes, perhaps I may agree that the covetousness I feel when I’m browsing the corset section of Angela Friedman’s website or Etsy store does border on the neurotic, but I will argue that this is not fault of mine.

For who better to blame than the designer herself? She who creates such featherweight corsets that to wear them is to feel like you’re dancing on air? Whose designs are so soulfully feminine that any woman wearing them would be comfortable and ooze confidence just pairing them with lingerie or a simple pair of jeans, no makeup and sexily dishevelled bed head hair? WHY are these creations so divine that the very knowledge of their existence makes me feel like there has never been – and may never be- anything else so beautiful or empowering that I could possibly place next to my skin?

To see them is to see a thing, but to wear one of these corsets is to be transported to a realm where you are the most beautiful woman on earth, where everybody loves you and you feel like an a good and justly revered queen. The press of this fabric on your skin is to step into the page of a fairy tale as it turns into Happily Ever After.

I don’t know why this is. I don’t know how the essence of ballet that this designer is expert in has infused grace and elegance into the very fibres of her creations. But it has, somehow, inexplicably. And she allows us a glimpse of this magic, and offers it for us to own for ourselves. Can you blame me for being obsessed?

It’s a curse I tell you. But one I am willing to bear, because the motivation to work, purchase, wear (and sometimes fall to sleep cuddling) these gorgeous creations makes a rosy hue fall on the earth as the glisten of sun on the clouds seems to giggle with glee at the romance that is everywhere around us. I suppose I am obsessed with these creations because there is something about the fine craftsmanship and delicate detail that makes one certain that they’ve been stitched by the tiny whispering fingers of fairies or angels while we sleep.

A garment like this is what the media romanticises every day. But usually it’s just illusion. Most clothing does not open your eyes, take your breath away and give you a glimpse of the romance of the moments of life. But once in a blue moon, in all the millions of stitches and metres and designs out there, can be found a few precious pieces that can make you see yourself as you are – perfect. Sometimes it just takes a little fairy dust and angelic inspiration to see it.

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