Success Is Your Ratio Of Good To Bad Habits – Can Yours Be Improved?

I saw a post today that so captured my interest I decided to stop what I was doing and write this post. The post itself said simply this : ‘Success is largely dependant on your ratio of good to bad habits.Anyone seeking a single sentence key to success only need study that line to find their answer.


I’m going to write that again in capitals just for good measure.

This really rang true for me because I’ve been wanting to make some improvements in order to streamline my time for maximum reward / fulfilment in my life.

There’s often just so much noise around – always something to do, somewhere to go, someone to meet, something to post or tag or an email to send. But there’s a reason why the life simplification website ZenHabits is massively popular and that’s because many of us intuitively know that less is actually more and simpler is better. Our brains are wired to focus on a certain number of things at a time and trying to push it to take on a whole scattered load more may not be conducive to achieving maximum results. I do wonder if this is one of the things that cause us anxiety in our lives… but that’s another article.

Too much noise.

For many of us I think we don’t even notice some of the bad habits that we have picked up- these might be checking our phone every few minutes or habitually getting starbucks and a croissant on the way to work, finding all kinds of excuses to be too busy to the gym or saying we’ll start our diet / read that book / start writing out that new business idea tomorrow. These things can undermine us in ways that we don’t realise – they’re the bad habits that make it so tough to implement the changes we desire for our personal goals of success.

This, I think, is where simplification is key. What could we remove or change in our life right now to make it a little bit simpler? Have a go – think about what you could do in your life today…

Maybe it’s as simple as organising our email filters to reduce stress, using a smaller plate for meals to meet our fitness goals, keeping our socialising to the weekends to maximise creative time or skipping downstairs / doing squats while watching our favourite TV show if we dislike the gym.

Day one…

These tiny simplifications don’t seem like much but they can become small good habits that erode little bad habits we have. Eventually we can improve that habit in small ways until our bad habit becomes a good one. Then we’ll have increased our ratio of good to bad habits and taken a big positive step towards the success we want in our lives.

End result. WAHAHA see the pun?

Recently I’ve been frustrated by a lack of progress in one or two areas in my life, so I decided to simplify and spent two days with nothing extra organised in my schedule.
In those two days this quote popped up and I am so thankful because it highlighted the point that I was missing – that doing more is not necessarily the best thing to do.

Maybe I’ll just stare at this tranquil water all day.

One of my bad habits was thinking that it was good for me to do more – different exercise every day, lined up meetings, networking lunches and spending money on something or other, whether it be marketing or ads or new products samples.

Now all I need to focus on are the good habits that will lead me towards my goals, and to notice the bad habits when they occur. My goal is not to try and make a big change all of a sudden, but to simplify and let some bad habits go, and then improve the other bad habits into good ones.

Small successes are still successes!

Eventually this will lead to a tipping of the scales where my ratio of good habits far outweighs my ratio of bad habits. Actually, I’m going to make a list of my good habits and bad habits right now, just to compare and see where I can improve. Will you join me?

Here we go!

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