My Chocolatey Photo Shoot for SPCA Charity Cookbook

It’s not everyday that one of the chairpeople of the SPCA asks you to be in their charity cookbook together with the cutest dachshund in the world, so it was with pleasure that I accepted and we commenced brainstorming foods for my shoot.

For me, there had to be chocolate themes (of course) and photos with Tommy the Salami, the books mini dachshund mascot. I really didn’t know what to expect until the shoot commenced, but as soon as a tiny Tommy greeted me at the door I was in love and didn’t care if I had to do handstands while holding my nose as long as I could cuddle him in between takes.

Tommy and I were a superb shooting team, with chef / ultra marathon runner Derek Dwik @TKDerek serving up our masterfully prepared dishes and superstar photographer / triathlete Tobias Chu of @SixtySixStudios capturing our mini love affair effortlessly.

Tommy managed to get his tongue into my nose and possibly all the way to my brain by the time we had finished shooting the first dish of dark chocolate ganache with finely sliced strawberries. Fortunately he only licked the side of my brain that processed numbers, and I don’t need it all that much anyways.

The working side of my brain then processed the delicious flavours of the rich and grainy ganache. Fine and smooth with a very subtle dark texture that set it apart from creamy chocolate desserts, the finely sliced strawberries were a lovely compliment, and a raw vanilla ice cream would have complimented nicely… though I think it may have been too difficult to balance two dishes and Tommy on my lap without him getting his adorable little face into some of the food!

By the time we started shooting the sweet Vanilla bean ricotta with passion fruit, pistachios and orange rind, Tommy had begun to become disillusioned with my complete lack of food sharing, which he clearly viewed as a deal breaker in our relationship. He patiently shot with me until we wrapped and then kindly informed me that he didn’t think our love was one to last. Anyways some very tall and beautiful models were shooting next and he had better pay them some attention, just to be polite, of course.

I consoled myself in the honey sweet cream and vanilla orange tang of the ricotta, and reminded myself that it is better to have been slobbered and lost than to never have been slobbered at all. I could blame nobody but myself – and I suppose I received my just desserts for not sharing my food with dear little Tommy.
Let that truly awful pun be a lesson to you all.

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