Rose Petal Hot Chocolate at Agnes B in IFC

R’s Rating : 2/5 ☆☆ : GOOD (Poor / GOOD / Excellent)

Imagine my delight when I spied the Rose hot chocolate on offer at Agnes B in IFC. A fan of both Rose and chocolate, it seemed to jump out from the menu board, and I ordered it immediately.

Finding a table in the crowded little open plan seating area was smooth enough, and my friend collected our drinks about five minutes later. We were lucky enough to be seated near the lush green florist section of the Agnes B lifestyle store, and could see their delicate little jewellery collection and latest fashion offerings from where we sat.

The Rose aroma of the chocolate was strong and immediate, with strongly scented pink petals perched atop a lightly pink tinted white foam.

The mug porcelain was quite normal- slightly fine but not delicately so, making it quite a homey style of drink, yet the petals gave a distinctly novel impression and were deliciously and remarkably fragrant to nibble upon. Quite a delight!

The chocolate itself was mediocre, cheap and sugary – the kind that leaves an odd aftertaste in the mouth, unlike quality chocolates which I believe should leave only chocolatey or coco aftertaste. I didn’t approve, as it totally spoiled a wonderful concept that would have been quite marvellous otherwise.

Not a fan of cheap sugary chocolate. Nope.

Overall I was delighted by the concept and happy to have tried it, but due to the low quality of the chocolate drink itself I wouldn’t be having it again.

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