Pearls & Arsenic Corset Interview with Apple Daily Hong Kong 

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by internationally read publication Apple Daily for an article about the history of corsets. Being one of the few (only?) corset designers in Hong Kong, I shared my personal corset collection and own designs while making sure to promote the brands of many of the wonderful corsetiers that I own, including Isabella Corsetry; Totally Waisted; Ava Corsetry; Waisted Creations; Angela Friedman; Sparklewren; Orchard Corset and Restyle.Pl – all of whom I’ll be sure to mention in an article about the corsets that I own.

I suppose that Apple Daily is rather like a Chinese equivalent of Hello! Magazine, OK! or Us Weekly, and it has a lifestyle and culture supplement section where this interview will be. I shall let you know when I have the article to show you and of course I have to thank the owner of the only store I stock my corsets in, Sally Coco Intimate Lifestyle Store HK for the introduction. Anyone who wants to try Pearls & Arsenic corsets in Hong Kong can pop in next to the Central escalator and have a peek / try / buy. I admit that I am biased and do create some pretty special casual wear crystalled underbusts for stocking instore, but it is a little amusing to know that people here don’t yet realise how special and unique these little pieces are in the global corset market. They’re such relaxing fun to create that I’ll keep making them anyways. Lucky duckies!

Crystalling a hip here, a bust there…

With this corset interview with Apple Daily about to hit Chinese newspapers around the world, and a video element included, I wonder if awareness may start to be raised about corsets and corseting in Hong Kong, since the very western concept of corseting is rather unexplored here and there is much outdated information including ancient ideas of broken ribs and fainting and general torture, themes which no sensible intelligent person would consider or endure as part of their daily attire if it remained true in these modern times.

I do recognise that many people forget about the patience involved with corseting. There are no quick results and I often compare it to yoga for the way it requires gentleness and consistency. I also use the example of buying shoes – if it’s painful or feels too tight, then it probably is! In the case of a corset there should only ever be loose wearing and comfort as the fabric adjusts to our body and our body adjusts to the corset. It takes time – weeks or months, and with some people – including famous corseters like Dita von Teese, the results are achieved over years.

I’m sure next year will see more corset exposure and awareness occur in Hong Kong, as I’ve been considering offering outerwear corset sponsorship to some local models and celebrities for events, and will be wearing them myself during my return to work in media. Which, (fingers crossed as my body balances itself after my few months of being unwell), will hopefully be terribly fun and very exciting indeed. I do hope so!

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