Ask For The Chocolate Spoon! Mandarin Oriental HK’s Hot Chocolate Secret

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The Mandarin Oriental is has one of the best cosy hot chocolates in town. Owned by the Jardine Matheson group, one of the oldest Taipan families in Hong Kong, there is a distinctly traditional Victorian aesthetic and sensibility to the hotel- a blending of asian and western design and service. My favourite haunt is the Clipper Lounge, where there are comfy couches and a lovely open ambience.

The old mandarin is a famous Connaught Road landmark – a resplendant hotel that vibrantly keeps alive traditions of Victorian Hong Kong with a wet shave barber shop, while combining elements of new with the highest standards of cake baking and dining in the Mandarin Cake Shop, Pierre and the Bar and Grill, amongst their other acclaimed restaurants.

I’m obviously a fan, and with good reason. It’s luxurious, traditional, service focused, and consistently good food and wonderful hot chocolates.

The hot chocolate looks simple enough and arrives with my requested chocolate spoon – a tip that a fellow chocolate loving friend (the general manager) gave me as we lunched together a few years ago.

The chocolate spoon is meant to be swirled into the hot chocolate but I always eat it on its own so I can enjoy the floating fluffy dark and very subtly fleeting nutty undertones of this clear and loveable chocolate.

The hot chocolate itself is consistently marvellous, perfect for a winters day. I always marvel at how they manage to get it so hot without burning the milk in the slightest- a difficult feat that requires both experience and finesse. Silky and smooth, sweet and simple, the balance is perfect – a deep milk chocolate that has no bitterness but all the flavour of a good chocolate. Less strong, rich and heavy than the Jean Paul Hevin offerings, and more similar to the Le Gouter Bernadaud style of hot chocolate, this is a lovely hot chocolate for dark and milk chocolate lovers alike.

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